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Ten years on air

Thank you guys for joining us in the chatroom on Sunday, December 6th 2020 to listen to the most popular songs on Museboat in the last ten years.

It was incerdible show! You all were AWESOME!
This show website page is devoted to not only great music but also memories of artists who are no longer with us, Museboat Musies Award winners, Jury Prize winner, anniversary cash prize raffle winner and other Museboat Live channel fans and supporters.

We will replay the show during following days:

MONDAY, December 7th, 2020
WEDNESDAY, December 9th, 2020
FRIDAY, December 11th, 2020

MONDAY, December 14th, 2020
WEDNESDAY, December 16th, 2020
FRIDAY, December 18th, 2020

The Gala Show will start always one hour sooner, which is at 9pm London time, 10pm in Berlin, 11pm in Athens, 4pm in New York, 1pm in Las Vegas, 6pm in Rio de Janeiro and 8am Sydney.



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Ten years on air
It was a real pleasure to present the brand new Museboat Musies Award Gala show, the competition for the best song in ten years on Museboat.

We invite everyone who has tirelessly voted for the best song from a music catalog created in ten years to congratulate all participants and winners of the competition in the chatroom. They definitely deserve that.


Museboat Musies Award Gala show is hosted by Taunjua AKA TJ, your host to the TJ´s Muse Bridge show.

  • Launch of the Gala Show
  • A short memory of the history of the Museboat
  • Thanks to all listeners and supporters
  • Memories of deceased artists
  • 25 the most popular songs in alphabetical order
  • Museboat Jury Prize winner announcement
  • Announcement of the three winners of the Museboat Musies Award
  • Draw of the Anniversary Cash Prize Raffle winner
  • Songs from award finalists based on requests from chatroom visitors
  • Airplay of all nominated songs starting with #1


    We Love and Support Music For Ten Years

    Museboat Live Channel

  • Ten years on air


      San Juan, PR
      Alternative Rock
      Listen to the award-winning song

    HALL OF FAME artist Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is an alternative rock group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After Hours, the group’s second full length cd release, is the result of series of recording sessions done at Spellbound Studios, one of the new and upcoming independent music recording studios in the Island.

    All songs were written by Jean Cabbie with arrangements done by The Secret Admirer Society. After Hours was recorded and mixed by Jose Vila and mastered by Bob Katz from Digital Domain.


      Wien, AT
      RnB / Pop / Singer-Songwriter
      Listen to the award-winning song

    Her name is Mirjam Catal. She is a young singer-songwriter and she composes songs with her brother`s lyrics. She has been playing the piano for 4 years and has been singing since she was one in 2018. She performed on many stages in Austria, such as DONAUINSELFEST, WIENER STADTHALLE, DSCHUNGEL WIEN or THEATER AM SPITTELBERG. She won three Austrian music awards with self composed songs.


      New Windsor, NY
      Alternative / Singer Songwriter / Progressive Rock
      Listen to the award-winning song

    HALL OF FAME artist Angela Terace is a singer songwriter. She writes and arranges as well as performs most all of the instruments in her original music. She also produces Having been trained and coached as a classical pianist, it wasn’t until recently that Angela began diving into the world of pop, indie and rock music. Her music has taken on a form that is hard to describe. She is a genre breaker and enjoys experimenting with all musical form. When asked whom her sound is most like, it is almost impossible to come up with an answer. Angela is simply Angela Terace with a unique sound all her own.


      Cornwall, ON, CA
      Alternative / Singer Songwriter / Progressive Rock
      Listen to the award-winning song

    Silent Stranger® is an Independent rock band with origins in Trenton, Ontario, where the band began as Generation in 1982 and changed their name to Stylus in 1985, after a short break-up. Playing gigs around their local area, they also wrote original material during this time and some of these were played live at their gigs. One of the members had to move in July 1987 due to his job. It was attempted to get a replacement for him but to no avail. Meanwhile Richard found out in Oct 1987 he would also be moving for his job in July 1988, so in the spring of 1988 they decided to record some of their original songs in a local studio as a four-piece unit.

    Anniversary Cash Prize Raffle Winner

    Thank you all for participating in our Anniversary Cash Prize Raffle. The winning ticket number in the competition was 000055, drawn during the Museboat Musies Award Gala show.

    Winning Ticket
    By the courtesy of the winner, we hereby publish a cheque in the amount of the main prize, which is $190.22

    Winner´s Cheque

    The winner of the main prize decided to dedicate one part of his prize as a donation to Museboat and the other part as a donation to NGO Bbanga Project to help building schools in Uganda.

    Hi, it's me Mirjam Catal from Vienna, Austria.

    I`m so happy to win the cash prize of 190,22$. 55 was my lucky number. Thank you so much. I want to donate a part of the prize to BBanga Project to help building schools in Uganda.

    Kind regards

    Mirjam :)
    Winner´s Cheque

    Thank you for your donation, guys! 

    New Year's wish

    We hope that the year 2021 will be less restrictive for each of you and that one day we will all meet at our own music festival wink
    Support us by visiting our website, sharing our posts and spreading word about us so that we can continue to bring the best music and draw the attention of the listeners from around the world.

    If our mission appealed to you, we would also welcome any financial support for our broadcast in 2021.


    Thank you in advance   wink

    More tickets, the better chance to win the main prize

    Ten years on air

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    We Remember

    The time has come to remember artists who are no longer with us, but their music will continue to live in our hearts and in our broadcasts. Please, hold a moment of silence together for our deceased friends.

    JEFF WEIKEL memorial on Museboat LIve

      Jeff Weikel

    1956 - 2019 AKA Sticky, drummer at Stickman Shadow

    Jeff was the funnyman, a wonderful friend to many, would give you the shirt off his back. He always had a kind word and a quick joke. He always said: See you in the funny papers... Andy Slovien always regarded himself as a Stickman Son.

    ELWYN RUNDUS memorial on Museboat LIve

      Elwyn Rundus

    1963-2017 Aka Sexy Legs, Bass and Lead Singer at Stickman Shadow

    El was the serious one, wonderful person, loved everyone. Always had a kind word and a song in his heart.

    COLIN TENCH memorial on Museboat LIve

      Colin Tench

    1954- 2017

    Mastermind of several projects including. Colin Tench Project, Corvus Stone, BunChakeze, Murky Red, Minstrel's Ghost and Marco Ragni. He had a serious side when it came to music and anyone that knew and worked with him, would tell you he was under-rated and exceptionally talented.

    TASOS LAURENTIADIS memorial on Museboat LIve

      Tasos Laurentiadis

    Kind hearted Tasos was the project initiator for WE ARE ONE MCI a global music collaboration to unite artists and fans alike against extreme poverty and homelessness. His efforts are still being carried on today. For the final two years of Tasos’ life, he was almost entirely devoted to his charity We Are One, working 18 hours a day to get his project off the ground. The idea was simple: make rock music; sell rock music; give all the money to the homeless.

    RIC DELOZIER memorial on Museboat LIve

      Ric Delozier

    1961-2019 Guitar player at Ric Delozier band

    Had his day in the sun with the Ohio Players, loved and played his music to the very end. He was a very genuine person never afraid to just be himself. Gave so much joy to so many people.

    MAX JAFFA memorial on Museboat LIve

      Max Jaffa

    1978- 2011 Drummer at Balfour

    Very talented, funny laid back and could joke with the best of them. Wonderful times in the chat room. The commonality in the chatroom was, Who could speak the best Jaffanese? Yes, he had invented a new language.

    RALK TORZSOK memorial on Museboat LIve

      Ralf Torzsok

    Huge supporter of independent artists, video creator and composer. He made a collage video for many artists including I&SON, ROB´S BASS CAFFE,Sandrine and others.

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