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Take a seat and listen to the best music, vote in top 25 chart, chat with people, watch the best music video, request song on demand, record and send us your voice message or even run your own brand campaign on Museboat Live. Join our family and explore what we do for all our precious supporters.

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You Are Warmly Welcomed

Every 18+ listener is more then warmly welcomed to join our music shows to Listen & Chat with artists, other fans and friends.

Music player is at the top of every website page. If you want just listen and browse other websites, you can open popup music player.

Listen New Music Every Day

Museboat brings new music every day.
Discover new trends in music of different genres during music shows produced by Museboat team members. In cooperation with well-known music companies but also with the artists themselves, we bring you music that you can hardly find in the mainstream. We are just here to support musicians from all over the world.

Join Our Mission

We unite people from all over the world to bring you not only great music but also our presence in the chatroom and other entertainment and information options. Join our mission to get free promotions from people who truly love independent music.

Go Viral

Listeners can always interact with others by using shoutouts, top 25 poll votes, song requests, chatroom feedback & others.

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Music Shows

  • Explore our music shows page and listen to your the most favourite one.
    Listen & Chat anytime.


TVV Channel

  • Discover the best of online content on your big screen TV. Enjoy the most popular video.


Songs on Demand

  • Send us song request and we will play it on Mondays. Help artists to get their song to the top 25.


Top 25 Chart Show

  • Browse top artists on Museboat and vote for any or every one of them in Museboat Live Top 25 Chart.

Artist of The Week

  • Find and nominate your favourite artist of the week in the recurring campaign on Museboat Live.


  • This channel exists because of the support of the public so any your support means much.

New Artists and Songs

Here is the list of new artists and new songs this week on Museboat Live channel. Explore new fantastic artists on Museboat Live by clicking on any artist´s cover picture right now. Find easily artist´s audio, video, Twitter, Facebook, official website, shop directlinks and more.

We always introduce new artists and songs on Sundays in TJ´s Muse Bridge music show.

Top 25 Chart

Vote for your favourite artist in Top 25 Chart Show every day and as many times as you like. Help us to pick up 25 the best songs on Museboat Live every other week.

If you cannot find your favourite artist in top 25 chart show poll, nominate YOURS !

Artist of The Week

Artist of The Week focuses on the most active and most admired artists over the past week.

Any website visitor can nominate Artist of The Week and get the benefits of an exclusive listener. Nomination requires just to give LIKE to 5 artists in the random list on Artist of the week page.

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