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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  What is the Museboat Live? is the integral part of Museboat Interactive and acts as a free media promotion link between both, artists and their supporters.

Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organization and has the status of a legal entity.

  What is the mission of Museboat Live?

Museboat Live acts as a free media promotion intermediate between both, music and business. Museboat Interactive mission is:

- to support the development of an independent and permanent music scene,
  to create conditions for free of charge and the continued promotion of original musical
- to search for and engage individuals and legal entities in activities
  within the digital network association,
- to organize national and international media and festivals for music artists
  and performers, where they will present their works,
- to create and organize music competitions, discussion groups, musical performances,
  opinion polls and surveys to improve the free promotion of musical works,
- to organize national and international workshops, exchange workshops
  and other meetings for artists and performers to improve mutual awareness
  and cooperation,
- to organize charity events, competitions and public collections to support music artists,
- to build own archive of audio and audiovisual works for the purpose of gratuitous
  promotions within the Museboat Digital Network,
- to create and organize the formation of the subsidiary bodies (Museboat Regions)
  to achieve the objectives of the association,
- to create conditions to support and promote awareness of what is happening
  in the regions
- to cooperate with government and cultural institutions, NGOs and companies
  in obtaining grant support and resources for the activities and achievement
  of common objectives of the association,
- to create material-technical, legal, personnel and technical conditions
  for its operations and optimum use of financial resources to support
  all the activities of the association,
- to establish and operate special-purpose facilities to ensure their activities
  (clubs, training centers, entertainment areas, press rooms, etc.),
- issuing periodical and non-periodical publications,
- to support the musical and artistic activities in any other way to expand
  the scope of the association to the general public.

  Is Museboat Live free?

Museboat Live channels deliver unlimited music and video content for free.

  Can I earn money with Museboat?

Everyone can register and earn money as the donor agent.
This opportunity does not require any contract to sign and is our the best compensated one. We reward every Donor Agent with a percentage split from $10+ donation.

We also offer a cooperation with well-skilled online marketing personalities to run our own affiliate shop. To get more information, inquire about information here. We will send you releavant details in return.

  How can I support Museboat Live?

You can help in many different ways by:

- sharing Museboat Live news, posts, tweets, etc.
- telling others about us
- making donations
- becoming Monthly Sustaining Donor
- becoming Show Executive Producer
- shopping with us
- sharing our fundrising campaigns

  Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Museboat Interactive is registered Non-Government Organisation outside the US so donors from other countries are mostly not entitled to take tax deduction from a particular donation.

On the other hand, Museboat Interactive internal rules allow to reward donors with another (in some cases even more advantageous) way.

If you are interested in granting a deduction from the donated financial amount or if you are able to get a substantial donation for Museboat Interactive, join our mission as a donor agent.

  How can I make a donation in memory of someone?

We are very sorry for your loss, and we're honored that you would consider donating
to Museboat in memory of this special person.

Please include any memorial note in the "Publicly posted comment" donation form tab indicating the person’s name and if there is anyone we should contact to notify them of your memorial donation.

  How can I become an on-air or off-air personality for The Museboat?

Checkout the Join Us page for more information or apply for position in join-us form now.

  Where can I find your PayPal email address?

Find our PayPal e-mail at direct donation page.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in THIS FORM right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

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