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Artist of The Week 2021 

Artist Of The Week (AOTW) is ever continuing campaign featuring the most popular artists on Museboat Live in the past week. Anyone can nominate an Artist of The Week by supporting other artists on Facebook.


  Vitória, Brazil
  Alternative Rock

Elemento Zero EZ: alternative rock band formed in 2011, a duo that uses electronic drums, guitars and basses striking in his compositions. His references go through Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Placebo, The Jesus And Mary Chain , The Kills , Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raveonettes. The Duo is from Brazil and a fact that draws attention is that they use guitars and basses made ​​by Bass Fábio who signs his work as Luthier Custom Guitars Club. Fabio is former bassist for the band Terrorturbo. Schiffler and Fabio have played in several bands , including already had a previous project together. Today is dedicated to Elemento Zero -EZ . Members Element Zero -EZ Schiffler (Marcelo) - vocals , guitar, Keybords and drum programming Fábio de Souza – Bass and drum programming.


  Detroit, MIchigan
  Christian/Gospel / Indie / Rock / Country / Contemporary / Singer Songwriter

Although most people like to say that they are a “New and Upcoming Artist”, this would not hold true for Benjamin Thomas. This music is the accumulation of many years’ experience in life and in the music business. So, the only thing new about this endeavor is the direction of the Music. This project is designed to bring more of an awareness to the hurts people experience and to lead Those hurt people in a direction that would bring forth a healing. The songs are not religious but they do speak about God, and His need to heal and deliver His people. It is personal, as the artist himself has been down a road of pain and heartache that brought him to the point of a need for deliverance. Deliverance from a world that has no need for the homeless, Helpless, or the castaway. Deliverance from a world that has become so selfish it cannot recognize The need any more for a Savior. This is only a tool that will be used to further a ministry to help those in the darkness walk into His marvelous light and live the life they were created to live. One filled with Righteousness, Peace And Joy.


  Kansas City Missouri USA
  Indie / Alternative Rock

The DHP hail from Grain Valley, MO, and consists of Darren Holland and Cheryl Holland. They have a groovy vibe that really draws you in and keeps people wanting for more. These bangers have been featured on Wolf Rock Radio, Belter Radio, Hard Rock Radio, Menace House of Indies, Banks radio AU, Indie Rampage Radio, and many more.Darren Holland has been playing music for a long time and hails from MO. His mix of pop/rock/indie leaves with a retro feel and new nuances! He features several singers, including himself and Cheryl Holland. Darren creates, writes, and plays most of the instruments on every album. His goal is to become a writer for other artists.


  Stockholm, Sweden
  Melodic Rock

Pressure is a melodic rock band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. With songwriter and lead guitarist Simon “Siirpo” Forsell at the helm, vocalist Olof Jönsson and guitarist Emil Salling lead everyday people around the world to overcome and embrace the pressures felt from everyday existence. Their lyrics famously show that there are two sides to every story - the good and the bad. Every song has a double meaning. Pressure wants their music to be used as tools to handle the different kind of pressures that surrounds us. The lead singer Olof puts his soul into each and every word he performs, and he is backed up by the guitars intriguing melodies and rhythmical sound.


  Magdeburg, Germany
  Modern Rock / Melodic Metal.

Chris Maragoth is a same-titled musical project based out of Germany. After several other projects, Chris Maragoth was founded in February 2017 to pursue his own musical endeavors. ​Being a guitarist primarily, Chris writes, arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own. Occasionally Chris collaborates with other musicians, but mostly friends and former band mates. ​The musical style is a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, but can be mostly described as modern rock and melodic metal.


  Vienna, Austria

When you think of alternative-outlaw-country-rock and Americana music you probably think of USA, maybe Canada. So, Marc Miner is the European outpost. While Nashville is considered the “city of music” in the USA, Marc settled down in the European version of it: Vienna, Austria! As if that weren’t enough Marc is also an international breed: His father from USA met Marc’s mother from Germany in Poland. That’s also where Marc was born, before the family had to leave the country. They moved to Vienna, where Marc grew up and where he started his first bands ranging from rock n roll, rock to even punk and grunge – which at that time was the “teenage sound of revolution”. By the age of 16 the rebelling Marc Miner decided to leave home. He traveled through Europe, got a job on board of a container ship and arrived in the USA in 2000. Impressed by the life-style of the South, the prairie, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains and the melodies he heard there he decided to stay. Unfortunately, life ain’t a free-ride so beside his music jobs he also started to gamble, which finally got him to jail. Marc was accused of illegal gambling, forging and other “trivial offenses” as he calls it. With some help from his father’s influential friends the US authorities finally amnesty Marc, but he had to leave this wonderful country.


  London, United Kingdom

Frank Joshua is a London based singer-songwriter making, playful lyrics and melodic tunes with jazz influenced piano parts. His smoking jazz club vibe speaks for and too a mature audience looking for meaning and reflections of their own internal joys and heartaches. The music is sparse, intimate and warmly produced and offers an escape from the norm. Frank began his musical journey in the North London alternative scene of the late 80s and early 90s. Joshua has continued to write and create and these tracks reflect that long journey.


  Nashville, Tennessee US

Roger Adams, A country music singer and songwriter, planted his roots in country music at a very early age. Influenced by people like, Roy Clark, Glenn Campbell and Jerry Reed, he found his love for playing guitar and singing. Roger spends most of his time in Nashville Tennessee either performing showcase writer’s rounds, recording in the studio or playing with his full band in some of Nashville’s premier night clubs. He is also a member of the Country Music Association, Texas Country Music Association, International Singer Songwriters Association and various other memberships of country music. Recently he was awarded a finalist award for his song “A Heart in Tennessee” as best traditional country song. His Song “A Refection of a man” was performed by Roger as part of a TV network series to be released later in 2021.


  Strathfieldsaye, VIC, AU
  Alt-Rock / Folk-rock

Interstitium' is an Alt. Universe/ Alt. Rock' (and folk-rock band) band assembled by former Goya's Child (Original) lead singer and co-songwriter, Ian Irvine (Hobson) - also an author, poet and creativity expert. Interstitium's songs are being played on various Indie/Alt Rock radio stations in various nations, e.g. Radio TSFC (Germany,) Only Rock Radio (Spain), Prospect Radio (UK), 3MDR FM (Melbourne, Australia,), etc. Seven songs (i.e. Shot Down, Impaled, Soul In Motion, The Last Summer, Another War, I Am Not Myself and Gypsy Dancer) are currently on rotation play at European stations. Also, Renegades of Time was played a number of times on the Ray and Joe Show (Florida, US) in 2019. Ian and the band are creating the FOUR album soundtrack to 'Songs of the Interstitium', a transmedia story set in various parts of the planet, but also in a number of parallel realities. Different pieces of music are linked to the various novels of the overall story - as well as to key characters and settings.


  Flint, MI
  Soul / Funk

In Flint, Michigan, there's a music scene that's alive and thriving. Joe (or "Pops"as his friends call him) Bredow is one of those ambassadors of the music culture that is flourishing in old "FLINTOWN". His mixture of Soul and Funk reminiscent of Motown, Stax and the Philly sound) make you want to just sit back and say " OOOOh' Yeaaaaaah...... " And with the new release of his EP "Need For Passion", you can't help but find yourself sliding right into the groove. He wrote, sang and performed all the music on this EP. With this new EP he shows the listener what Blue Eyed Soul and Funk is all about.


  San Diego, US

Sometimes Julie, one of San Diego’s most engaging and original rock bands, emerged from a chance collaboration between singer-songwriters Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker in 2012. Walker, former guitarist for Chicago’s Greeley, is a multi-instrumentalist who reveals his rock and roll genius as he defines Sometimes Julie’s unique sound. Sorenson paints the pictures, finds the words, tells the stories, and delivers the melodies with her powerful vocals. Walker is the theory, the rhythm, the science, the skill, and Sorenson is the front woman who is all heart and art. The duo’s first collaboration gave birth to their award-winning 2014 debut CD, HEAD FIRST, the title track of which generated substantial buzz, getting spins on both terrestrial and internet radio, and won an Akademia Music Award for best Americana music video. As implied, this album is all about being impulsive, taking risks, and doing what you love.


  Seminole, FL

HALL OF FAME artist, the leader of The Magneto Flobe, and Maloa Warriors… doing songs for you! featuring "da boi" and his friends… come and join us… we're climbing that wall together… and having a real good time!


  Penrith, UK
  Psychedelic spacerock / Progressive rock

Census of Hallucinations is an entirely unique and original band created from the home of independent record label Stone Premonitions in the UK. Well crafted songs and cosmic instrumentals. And all of it good medicine for your head. Census of Hallucinations create a truly unique brand of Psychedelia, incorporating a variety of Progressive Rock, Space Rock, and experimental influences, and what one reviewer described as “the ultimate marriage of Psychedelia and song-oriented Progressive Rock.”


  Gothenburg, Sweden
  Rock / Metal

Mara formed in 2012 when Dimitrios and Erik joined forces in a mold infested bunker under the crime-ridden streets of Tynnered. Against the backdrop of gundshots and burning cars, apocalyptic sounds came crashing from inside the bunker… In 2014 the recording of our demo “Usurpers to the Crown” was released and several local live performances followed.. In 2017 we managed to record our live performance both with audio and video, this resulted in the release of the live EP “Live at Sticky Fingers”. Mara always creates as a unit; endless hours of jamming has now been utilized in their debut album “Djävulstoner”, which is set to be released in the spring of 2021.


  Detroit, MI, United States

David Perez is a singer songwriter from Michigan. He has recorded 3 rock albums and one gospel album. He was in a band from Atlanta Georgia named 33ad. He has opened for such acts as Uriah Heep Skillet Petra Audio Adrenalin New Song and many more. He has also written music for Sweet Crystal among many others.


  Knysna, South Africa

Global Music Awards Winner 2017. Pierre Opperman a Singer/Songwriter from Knysna,South Africa, has won the ”Best New Artist” award,on Pirate Radio of The Treasure Coast,Florida,USA’s 2011 Rockstar Contest. Pierre started his musical-career as a drummer, at the young age of 12yrs, and played with various bands during high-school years. A shooting-accident during his military-service severely damaged his right hand/wrist and ended his plans of continuing a career as a professional drummer! Being a natural musician, he progressed to guitar at the age of 15 and continued his passion for music, by performing in various pubs, booze-cruises and beach-parties, over the years. Pierre’s song-writing skills were born during a difficult year, in 2000, whilst living in a caravan on the South Coast of Natal, and continued during the latter years where he has been living in Knysna for the past twenty years.


  South East, England, UK

I started playing guitar aged 9 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, where I was born. After which I lived in Lichfield for nearly 10 years. I gigged continuously on guitar and began to sing as a teenager in bands of various styles around the Midlands, as well as London. I won the Staffordshire 'open' classical guitar competition when I was 17. I studied jazz at Leeds College of music. After leaving college, I moved to South London and built a small home studio; I have owned a studio ever since...I continue to write and record daily, which I love so much.I've recently had solo guitar/ vocal residences at numerous clubs, pubs and restaurants in London and Surrey.I have taught guitar and music technology to disadvantaged youngsters and some adults for over 9 years. I've also taught music in a mental health facility for 3 years. Both were/ are rewarding and humbling experiences. Music knows no barriers...I currently live in a small village just South of Guildford, Surrey. Here, I write, record and perform acoustic sets locally whoever possible.I have an album 'Salvation Belle', due to be released Spring 2021...lockdown pending.I'm a keen runner. I've just completed the 'Centurian 100 mile, virtual ultra marathon'. Running helps me think, relax, write and listen to music.


  Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  Singer-Songwriter / Alternative

During lock down Alison Cowie, the singer from Beloved Alice, continued to write new tracks and re visit some tracks previously recorded and decided to call this "Project Alice". An eclectic collection of songs, all home recorded, were put together creating the ‘Illusions Of Existence’ album. Came back to music in 2010 and started writing and performing again. I have been in several groups and have just started a new project and will be performing live in the next few months. I team up with Derek Evans for our 'CONFLUX' project. We are currently writing some music for a movie which is due to start filming in 2018 and have had a few of our tracks played on BBC Unsigned. I also write as a solo artist under the name of 'Christy'. I have been very lucky and worked with some fabulous artists for collaborations from all over the world the most recent Nicklas Löfstrand who is a fabulous pianist!


  Frascarolo, IT
  Singer-Songwriter / Alternative / Progressive rock

Unless you follow the Italian progressive rock scene or are native to Italy, there's every chance you won’t have heard of the multi talented songstress and vocalist Barbara Rubin. However her name is already familiar to many in the field of progressive rock across parts of Europe and the UK, but I only became aware of Barbara when FabricationsHQ received a review copy of the singer’s debut album Under the Ice as well as a copy of the recordings done by the band project she is involved in. Barbara Rubin is a musician, singer, violinist and song-writer. She attended and completed musical studies at Conservatoire (Piacenza-Italy) graduating in violin under the direction of Master F.Biondi (Europa Galante) In parallel with classical studies she started to cultivate love for rock, beginning to write songs very young, mixing classical and modern sounds.


  San Francisco, California

Once upon a time, in Greek mythology, way before the 9 celebrated muses, there was a muse named Aoede: the first “muse of song.” I chose this name both to inspire you to do whatever is inside your soul and to remember to be continually inspired. Quirky folk pop and original fantasy musicals by an award-winning singer-songwriter and playwright Aoede. Honored to have received more than 40 awards since 2012 including: Independent Music Awards VOX POP WINNER, 2013 Finalist, 2012 Winner International Songwriting Competition-Children's Music! 2013, 2012 Finalist in John Lennon Songwriting Contest!


  Milan, Italy

It's been said that small towns are able to kill dreams, plans and ambitions of young generations. Fortunately life is fascinating even unpredictable, so as to give rise to real exceptions. This is the story of an 'exception that is born in Italy, in a small provincial town and arrives to California, United States. It begins in the second half of 2000 in Voghera, just an unkwnown place for the italian press Destination of this town is well-defined: dormitory town. But someone in this place never really wanted to spleep, instead this one is going to wake up the others playing guitar riffs at highest volume. From all this said comes the band. Everything is different from the others starting with the band name: A CRIME CALLED ...


  Kansas City, United States
  Rock / Metal

Beyond The Grey is a Kansas City based Rock/Metal band, made up of 5 members with years of collective experience. They have now been writing and recording together for close to 3 years. Some call them a mix of Disturbed and Alice in Chains, but other influences include Godsmack, Tool, Korn, The Cure, Deftones, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Cheap Trick.


DA BOI DERINHO on Museboat LIve
Derek Damico aka DA BOI DERINHO


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