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DA BOI DERINHO on Museboat LIve Derek Damico aka DA BOI DERINHO


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The Latest Artists Of The Week


  Alberta, Canada
  Country / Pop

Sharon grew up in the small town of Napinka, Manitoba, Canada and now resides in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At the age of 14 she learned how to play the guitar and from that point she spent most weekends around southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan playing gigs all over the provinces. This present day music veteran is focused and constantly honing her songwriting skills in Country, Folk and Blues Genres. Her lyrics are pure storytelling with melodies that move the listener to believe that she is writing their story. As horrible as Covid has been it has opened up new opportunities for making more music and getting it out to the world. She even started her own Youtube channel and does a weekly show 'Coffee with Sharon'. The show airs on her Facebook 'Sharon Marie White - Eclectic Soul Music' page which features where to find her music, her performing new songs & doing a spotlight on other Canadian artists. She's been thrilled to get her music out to the world doing interviews from radio stations in Ireland, Scotland, the UK, the US and here in Canada. In a recent quote from Sharon…“I am just getting started", and she's very grateful for the exposure and excited for what the future holds!


  Goth Rock / Power Pop

Paul Dillon is a solo artist named pMad. He started out with writing and playing with The Suicidal Dufflecoats. Now a member of The Greeting & his solo project pMad. Covid-19 strikes and Paul sets up 'The Best of Irish Indie' on Facebook running a series of 'Best of Irish' polls with a wonderful group of Irish Indie fans. Inspired by the group he unearthed all his own music collection and with the use of modern technologies, created a number of singles and a full album.


  Blues / Rock / Folk / Pop

After taking a significant break from music (over fifteen years), I decided to give it another swing. Based out of New Milford, New Jersey, USA, recorded a ten-song debut album “Better Now or Never”. Influences from blues, rock, folk, pop, laced with melodies and harmonies. It took about six months to record the entire album at my home studio, with the help of my sound engineer, Les Lovell (The Music Factory – Englewood, NJ). I strongly believe that we should make everyday count and not to take anything for granted. My motivation for doing this project is to bring a little joy and comfort, especially during these challenging times. I believe that it is never too late to pursue your passion and to go for it without reservation.


  Wien, AT

My name is Mirjam Catal, I`m a young singer-songwriter and I compose songs with my brother`s lyrics. I play the piano since 4 years and sing since I was one. since 2018 I performed on many stages, f.e. Donauinselfest, Wiener Stadthalle, Dschungel Wien, Theater am Spittelberg,... I won three Austrian music awards with self composed songs: NÖN sucht das größte Talent 2018 Podium.Wien U20 2019 and Wiener Stadtfest 2019 After "Number One" and "Don`t Go" my third single "Not Alone" is online now - on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music,.... My music video is very special because we created it from video snippets from artists and friends.


  Gloucester, MA
  Rock / Alternative / Hard Rock / Metal

Massachusetts native R.G.Williamson is a member of BMI and an internationally published songwriter and musician. He blends decades of musical influences into his song creations with lyrics that are both dark and light-hearted in nature. Vocal harmonies, melody and guitar hooks are the driving force throughout all of his songs that touch on subjects such as relationships, life challenges, inspiration, fantasy and the supernatural.


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We play music from Artists Of The Week every three hours at the beginning of every music show.

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