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    Exeter, ENG, UK


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Storylande are a female fronted Progressive Rock outfit with two studio albums behind them. Storylande released their debut album ‘Fragmented’ in 2016 and after a line up change, the band set to work on their 2nd studio album ‘Diffraction’. The Album was released in September 2017. The band are now earning their stripes and dead set on their music reaching the world stage. Storylande’s sound is both atmospheric and mysterious and can transport you into an olde world era where you can almost imagine you are in ancient Britain. They are influenced by bands such as Rush, Genesis, Nightwish, Epica and Yes, although their influences don’t dominate their sound if you listen closely you can hear fine traces of their influences. They have a friendly easy going attitude with a down to earth nature, which transforms when they hit the stage. Their presence is noted, Chris rocks the stage and June’s vocals raise the roof. In this world of the passing of many rock musicians, the rock scene is in need of some support. Rock in radio doesn’t hold the same presence as it used to. They are contributing to fill that void in the rock world and are taking no prisoners nor is there room for apologies. They have a uniqueness that they are eager to share with the world. Storylande manage all of their own affairs including their fan base.

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