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New Featured Artists


  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
  Hip-Hop / R&B / Adult Contemporary

EricWithTheGlockInHisSock Re-Emerges With A Calibrated Outlook On His Craft. With The Recent Commercial Radio Success Of His Latest Single “Hit The Flo '” (Produced By Zer0 Dillinger), The 23 Year Old Milwaukee Native Is Slowly But Surely Solidifying Himself As One Of The Many Talents From City That Are On The Rise And Here To Stay. With Heavy Influences From Munch Lauren, The-Dream, The Weeknd, Lil Yachty, Drake And His Hometown’s Recent Increase In Social Media Attention / Musical Recognition; His Dynamic, Yet Unconventional Vocals Are Blurring The Lines Between The Stereotypical Hip-Hop & R&B Genre. With His Melodic Flows; Catchy Hooks; And Undoubtedly Ability To Get People Dancing & Give His Listeners Major “Stuck Song Syndrome”. He Shows Potential To Become Household Name If He Can Maintain Consistency And Continue His “Pop Rap Style Compositions.


  Sydney, AU
  Alternative Rock

Originally formed in 2015, ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT went through a long, hard road of lineup changes and life events that caused a lot of pitfalls in their development. Their passion never slowed though and they used these challenges as motivation to build something spectacular with their Eponymous debut Album in 2020. The Sydney, Australia based band has formed their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences. Adding to their intrigue and performance, Accidental President throws in a theatrical flair to grab all of your senses. Lyrically they also share their ethos of social awareness, especially relevant in our current times of political upheaval and inequalities around the world.


  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Alternative Rock

Elemento Zero EZ: alternative rock band formed in 2011, a duo that uses electronic drums, guitars and basses striking in his compositions. His references go through Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Placebo, The Jesus And Mary Chain , The Kills , Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raveonettes. The Duo is from Brazil and a fact that draws attention is that they use guitars and basses made by Bass Fábio who signs his work as Luthier Custom Guitars Club. Fabio is former bassist for the band Terrorturbo. Schiffler and Fabio have played in several bands , including already had a previous project together. Today is dedicated to Elemento Zero -EZ . Members Element Zero -EZ Schiffler (Marcelo) - vocals , guitar, Keybords and drum programming Fábio de Souza – Bass and drum programming.


  REIMS, France
  Blues / Rock

LEE O'NELL BLUES GANG is the project of the Vosges guitarist Lionel WERNERT accompanied by his singer and companion Gipsy BACUET. Lionel is, as they say, “a child of rock”. Self-taught, it is with surprising ease that he takes you into his universe. And he has it under his feet to do battle with the genre! We find there the legendary groups that influenced his adolescence: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy … . Connoisseurs will also recognize the masters of the Blues; those who brought the foundations: Peter Green, Albert King Eric Clapton among others .. On the playing side, we talk about fluidity, dexterity, a velvety sound when needed. A skilful mix between vintage and modernity, the right balance between catchy riffs and hard-hitting solos that a flawless technique serves with delight.


  Federation of Russia

DASHA STAPEN is a young pop star with silver clear voice, well-educated musician, talented, beautiful, sexy, ambitious – the combination of all features and qualities what each real artist must have. She sang in chorus and various bands and took part into theatre and musical performances. For several years Dasha was going for classical choreography what later turned up a very good base to become a good dancer. By now Dasha and Anna already got 9 international releases on ACN Music label which is available worldwide. The latest one is very special: pop track “Isolated” with dub step elements became the most magical song of ACN Music roster ever performed by Dasha Stapen. Special sound effects and cosmic theme put this song in the fantasy genre. Various international A&R managers have already called this a production of a future. “Isolated” written, composed and produced by Anna C. Nova was officially release in April and was #12 in power pop chart on Sound Click and at the moment it’s #16 in pop chart on Song Vault.


  Helsinki, FI / Gloucester, MA
  Pop / Rock

Planet ERGH is an international studio collaboration between three songwriters and musicians; Erkki Vuokila and Heidi M. Mantere both of Finland and R.G. Williamson of the United States. Together they create stylistic crossover music that defies any one genre. From R&B and Soul to Jazz and Rock the sky is the limit for this trio of imaginative music makers. The three met in 2022 through an internet radio chat group on Museboat Live Channel, and through a series of emails in March 2023, ideas were traded and quickly developed into what would become the recording project Planet ERGH.


  Loxton, Australia
  Pop / Rock

Award winning artist Christine Clifford (Worbey) is known for her soulful country sound. Christine started her career in country music by entering talent quest around South Australia which gave the industry and newcomers a platform to be noticed. Christine performed at many festivals and CM Clubs both solo and with her band and had the honour of performing at the SA Country Music Showcase in 1995. After winning female vocal at the Gawler CMF, she was then asked to perform alongside Gina Jeffries, and Paul Gibbs. 1996 saw Christine heading around the state again while putting pen to paper to start her song writing skills and releasing her first Album, All through the Night.


  Botanic Ridge, Melbourne
  Pop / Rock

When Jeremy and Christine Stork first joined forces in the late '70s (in the popular cover band Casablanca), they had no idea what the future would bring, or that their union (both matrimonial and musical) would evolve into the beautiful, genre-defying mix of melody, vocals, and top-notch production which, as Studeo, has led to - in less than three years - multiple single, EP, and album releases, a record deal, and international acclaim. Bringing a wealth of talent and decades of experience (Jeremy played guitar for Melbourne's Moby Dick prior to the formation of Casablanca, opening for such legends as the Little River Band, AC/DC, and Skyhooks; Christine has played in multiple cover bands and is a formally-trained vocalist), Studeo's songs are as refreshingly real as their love for the music and one another is enduring.


  Montreal, QC, CA
  Progressive Rock

Stream, it's a group of two musicians who play in a studio a Progressive Rock style music. They started playing together in october 2022 and since they have several songs, some instrumental or with lyrics. They also play live in different style. In this project, each one bring his own experience and inspiration offering something different with a personnal touch. In all songs, everything is calculated and synchronized in it's structure. Went we play, sometimes we also improvize to catch the heat of the moment.


  East Hampton, CT
  Country / Alternative / Blues

John Carter Hill is a singer/songwriter performing as a solo acoustic artist with great vocals and amazing guitar work, playing modern country, alternative, blues along with some very tasty original music.


  Symphonic/Black/Modern/Heavy/Folk Metal

Anna KiaRa is a symphonic metal band founded by Anna (singer of Imperial Age) in 2019 as her solo project and then formed into the full band when Anna's friends and colleagues on music stage joined her. The band's music style is based on classical female fronted symphonic metal but also combines elements of different metal subgenres such as symphonic black metal, modern metal, heavy metal and folk metal. The debut album "Storyteller" was released in August, 2020 and got plenty of positive reviews from metal fans all around the world.


  Nashville Tennessee, USA
  Country / Gospel

Humbled by more than 30 awards from numerous Country and Gospel Music Associations, including Entertainer of the Year, Country Song and Album of the Year, plus the Patriotic Song of the Year, Andrew Dean is your typical family man, with his heart in the right place. Nashville NITE*SKY records recording artist Andrew Dean hails from Ohio and Florida With strong vocals and country roots this young country and Gospel singer, songwriter, entertainer, and producer is a fan-favorite at concerts. Dean relates his faith in God in his songs, blending family-style country, southern gospel, bluegrass, patriotic, and inspirational music. ""It's part of my roots and who I am,"" he said. ""I'm very blessed to do what I can for the children, Veterans and their families, and those in physical and spiritual need.


  Prato, IT

Screaming Sunset born in 2010, from minds of two guitarists Stille and Vessiel. The guitar duo produces different material constantly helped by new ideas and insights. In september 2011 the drummer G.D. joined to the band. In 2012 the first demo "Sunrise Of Sunset" was released. Later sees the light "Dawn Of An Era". G.D. leaves for work reasons. Between a pause and a reflection, the duo converge in a new project. On March 23, 2023 "Anime Di Vetro" is released, the album of total change. The reflection of these days.


  Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  Industrial / Rock

Ex Little London, Portsmouth based song writer, musician and studio engineer Dev has been producing music in various guises since he was a teen with a cult following which continues to grow with every release. Known for his interest in making his own unique sound, with songs often incorporating many different elements all while relishing the underground and whiskey-soaked regrets. Dev's never the sort to manage a comfortable life, he defined it himself as "a series of soaring highs followed by dark and empty pits of never-ending despair". This reflects in his series of Punishment Essay albums. After focusing on studio work following his bands appearance as the prestigious Sonisphere Festival in the UK with many of his heroes he's been persuaded to promote more of his music to a wider audience.


  Amsterdam, NH, NL
  Instrumental / Ambient

Ugochill is music project by Serbian/Dutch veteran of Indie music, Alex Rado. Alex functions as an standalone independent artist, producer and promoter, but his works also include collaborations with various friends and artists from around the world.


  San Jose, Costa Rica
  Metalcore / Industrial / Alternative / Nu-metal

Four-piece group from San Jose, Costa rica with metalcore, industrial, alternative and nu-metal influence


  Dayton, OH, US
  Modern Rock

From 1987 to now and from Dayton, OH to Denver, CO, the story of DBCB has been written across time and space. David (DB) and Chuck (CB) met in high school while playing in, AFTERMATH, an incredibly loud hard rock band. For 2 years they spent weekend after weekend eating pizza, watching Monty Python and preparing for a lifelong musical journey. After high school DB and CB lost track of each other, but each were making music in different ways and with different bands. DB found success writing and playing guitar in a band called MESH and after college he worked for Gibson Guitars. A band is not the only way to make music and DB started a company creating backing tracks for guitar players. CB continued to play in local bands in the Dayton area and in 2006 started writing original music for a project called Something Picaso. Fast forward to 2020 and more than 30 years after the last time DB and CB made music together. Using the magical powers of the internet and only the positive powers of social media, DB and CB reconnected for a quick fun version of the Judas Priest classic, Breaking The Law. The boys spent the next 2 years rekindling a friendship and having fun creating covers that pay tribute to bands like RUSH and BLACK SABBATH. Late in 2022, the decision was made that DBCB would start creating original music. The first single, THE SECOND KILL, was released everywhere on 1/23/23 signaling the next step in this magnificent musical journey. So if you are here, welcome aboard and stay tuned, you never know what’s next.


  Greenville, OH

After a lifetime of songwriting, Chuck Bechard brought his music to life with the band, Something Picaso. In 2006 the band released their first album, Into The Light. The album was released through CDBABY and landed on all the major platforms. It received positive reviews online and from fans. It also earned the band a SPOTLIGHT feature in the Dayton Daily News. Chuck was excited by this initial success and encouraged to continue writing music in preparation for a sophomore album.


  Nashville, TN, US
  Country / Folk

Ridge Banks is a singer-songwriter in Nashville TN. Originally from the small town of Fenton, Michigan, Ridge grew up in a very musical family and started performing at a young age. He is the pioneer of the recent Rugged Acoustic Movement incorporating the picking styles of Jim Croce, John Denver and Eric Clapton with the percussive, rhythmic pulse of artists such as Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Tommy Emmanuel. Ridge’s use of alternative tunings gives his music an authentic edge resembling Stephen Stills, Joe Bonamassa or Dave Mathews. His music has been described as “a contrast of Light and Dark in attempt to reflect our most Authentic selves”. His first 5 song EP was released in 2016, and his debut album was released in November 2018 before moving to Nashville in 2019. Currently working on a new album with his original, quarantine, garage band ""Ridge Banks and the Wall of Sound"" and a solo album. “Beautiful Mistake” his most recent single was release on Jan 30th 2023. 2021 International Acoustic Music Award (IAMA) finalist for Best Male Artist.


  Vechta, Germany
  Power Pop / Indie Rock

Star Sign 13 was evolved from the idea of creating self-composed songs by combining different musically influences from Power Pop to Indie Rock. Our thoughts are always with everyone, who grew up with that kind of indie and alternative music. All tracks are produced in our small homestudio in Northern Germany. Everything homemade and without a label contract.


  Copenhagen, Denmark

Established in 2014, Danish synthpop duo SoftWave issued their debut EP ‘Together Alone’ in 2016. But things have been gathering momentum since their first full-length album ‘Game On’ was released to critical acclaim, when million selling electronic pioneers OMD invited them to open on their four Scandinavian dates as part of their 2020 ‘Souvenir’ Greatest Hits tour. Having already gained the support of notable musicians such as Chris Payne, Ian Burden and Jo Callis who between them have played with Gary Numan, Dead Or Alive and The Human League, the future of SoftWave is promising.


  Pop / Dance

DIVIANA is a Russian singer who started her career very successfully with her debut songs “Let it shine” and “Angel Eyes”. Shortly after their official releases, both singles reached number one on various international online music charts. Diviana is also known for her singles "Wanna Dance", "Mother Earth", "Heroes", which brought her great international success. A brand new single "OUT OF THE ZONE" was released on October, 1st, 2022. Diviana was born in the very small town of Uralsk (Kazakhstan), located near the southern border of Russia. Divi has been a very creative and active girl since childhood in various areas of life, but her dream was to become an artist. In 2012, Diviana signed with the German record label ACN Music (ACN Multimedia Group).


  Beaumont, Texas

A Stāte øf Mīnd is a Texas based metal band heavily influenced by all the greats. Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, DIO, Judas Priest, Megadeth. In 1994, four friends got together and decided they wanted to entertain the world. They decided to name their band 'State Of Mind' ( SOM ) because that is what music is to them, a ""State of Mind"". Their influences are old school metal gods such as, Ronnie James Dio , Judas Priest , Black Sabbath , Queensryche , Iron Maiden , Pantera , Led Zeppelin etc. The music is hard hitting and described as New Classic Metal. With the flavor of their influences guiding their way.


  Kungsbacka, Sverige
  Pop / Rock

Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer Emollient fuses alternative rock, pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and electronic music all into one unique style. Emollient draws inspiration from artists, bands, and producers like Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, Muse, The Killers, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Max Martin, The Weeknd, and Coldplay. He is back with his brand-new single, ‘Back to Life’, an uplifting and positive offering. Even though Emollient created the track whilst feeling down, he mentions that making this tune “was a way to lift my spirit and get out of the depression by doing this song.” The pop track is infused with organic and electronic elements and has a flavourful taste. Layered with vocals, guitars, and electronic instruments, this is a stunning song with a gripping vibe that will draw the listener in from the very first note. "Back to Life is about pushing forward no matter what, think positive thoughts and just be who you are meant to be,” Emollient comments on the track. Emollient is now ‘back to life’ as a music fanatic. This year will be the year where he will go all in to reach new fans, new possibilities, and aim to be back on stage once again. Since 2021, he has released 12-songs, and ‘Back to Life’ is his first offering for 2023.


  Indianapolis, IN, USA
  Pop / Amapiano

Festus Kwarteng Amaning (born March 2, 1983), better known as Dj Fondu, is an American Dj with slogan; I am in the spirit based in Indiana-Indianapolis. He began making music in 1999 and became serious about it in 2001. He worked with well-known and unknown artists such as Junior Ried (one blood fame), Indispensables (Grafton Records), Rugged Man Mtrill, and others.


  Lapeer, Michigan, USA
  Christian Rock / Blues

KOT Flame is a family music ministry Led by Guitarist James Robert and his two sons Joshua and Zane they combine a power trio of talented musicians. KOT Flame has played to audiences through the Midwest and Southern states. Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, James is an ordained minister who is affiliated with Evangel Association of Christian Ministries. His musical journey began by learning upright bass and piano. He switched over to guitar 20 years ago when he fronted the James Robert Band. James is an experienced songwriter and contributes much of the original material for the group. The bands name came from a title song “Keeper Of The Flame” God birthed into Zane’s heart. Zane and Joshua study hard and then asked their dad James for assistance. They believe the greatest accomplishment is Keeping the Flame of God’s Love/Spirit alive in our hearts as believers and passing that legacy on!KOT Flame provides rock concerts, acoustical shows and leads worship.


  Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  Pop / Pop Rock

During lock down Alison Cowie, the singer from Beloved Alice, continued to write new tracks and re visit some tracks previously recorded and decided to call this "Project Alice". An eclectic collection of songs, all home recorded, were put together creating the ‘Illusions Of Existence’ album. Came back to music in 2010 and started writing and performing again. She has been in several groups and has just started a new project and will be performing live in the next few months. She team up with Derek Evans for our 'CONFLUX' project. They are currently writing some music for a movie which is due to start filming in 2018 and have had a few of our tracks played on BBC Unsigned. He also writes as a solo artist under the name of 'Christy'. She´s been very lucky and worked with some fabulous artists for collaborations from all over the world the most recent Nicklas Löfstrand who is a fabulous pianist!


  Exeter, ENG, UK
  Progressive Rock

Storylande are a female fronted Progressive Rock outfit with two studio albums behind them. Storylande released their debut album ‘Fragmented’ in 2016 and after a line up change, the band set to work on their 2nd studio album ‘Diffraction’. The Album was released in September 2017. The band are now earning their stripes and dead set on their music reaching the world stage. Storylande’s sound is both atmospheric and mysterious and can transport you into an olde world era where you can almost imagine you are in ancient Britain. They are influenced by bands such as Rush, Genesis, Nightwish, Epica and Yes, although their influences don’t dominate their sound if you listen closely you can hear fine traces of their influences. They have a friendly easy going attitude with a down to earth nature, which transforms when they hit the stage. Their presence is noted, Chris rocks the stage and June’s vocals raise the roof. In this world of the passing of many rock musicians, the rock scene is in need of some support. Rock in radio doesn’t hold the same presence as it used to. They are contributing to fill that void in the rock world and are taking no prisoners nor is there room for apologies. They have a uniqueness that they are eager to share with the world. Storylande manage all of their own affairs including their fan base.


  Phoenix, Arizona, us
  Classic rock, New Wave, Power Pop

LUXTHEREAL is a band with eclectic interests and musical expression in an increasingly genre and sample driven musical universe. The original music of LUXTHEREAL derives from its own unique synthesis of classic rock, new wave, power pop, techno, blues, jazz, progressive rock, and beyond. The focus is on the storyline as expressed in the mood, melody, lyrics and arrangement of each song; each it's own world for the listener to inhabit. Atmospheric, lyrical, emotive, melodic, hypnotic, and cinematic are just a few of the words to describe the music of LUXTHEREAL; but the best way to experience it is to listen.


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