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It’s the name for this Finnish collective. It’s short for Hi Status Quotes but also for instance Hi Status Quirks and Hi Status Qualified. It’s mostly about good songs created for the love of music. Our collective and the HiSQ band together try to create something special. The genre is of no importance, only that we are satisfied with what we’ve done. Before going to studio we usually know, who is going to sing the song. The Quotes’ music is inspired by words heard in tv series or movies. They can be classic lines or just some random words that suddenly make Erkki hear a melody in his head. Erkki is a big Abba fan, so he likes to play with words and how they sound and doesn’t take them too seriously. The five first Quotes’ songs are being published as an extended play. The Quirks will be something you don’t expect. No need to tell more at this point. Hi Status Qualified is dedicated to an especially good music with no quotes or quirks!


  Heavy rock

Alien Anomaly is a heavy rock band in Singapore on a mission to spread the virus of Alien Rock to the whole of planet earth. The band's debut Album, Ethereal Material, was released at the start of 2021 and new releases are imminent. The bad have been described as like 'Weezer with a bad hangover' and 'brutally whacked out'. Alien Anomaly is a five piece band comprising aliens from South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK.


  Pompton Lakes, NJ
  Country / Pop / Folk

Smooth, charming, with a little sass Americana/Folk-Pop artist Randie O'Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies. With her roots-inspired sound, she has independently released multiple albums over the years. She will be following up from the widely acclaimed EP "I’m Not That Girl" and "Here I Stand” with her much anticipated “Full Moon Rising.” She is sure to keep you tapping along and singing to the moon. For fans of Miranda Lambert, Pat Benatar and Mumford and Sons.


  Toronto, Canada
  Multi-Genre / Country Pop / Urban Pop

This iconic Canadian Multi-Genre Urban group from Toronto, Canada keep bringing new and exciting music for all to enjoy. The Band formed in the early 2000's are known for their innovative cross over tracks mixing Rap, Pop, RnB and Reggae. Now fast forward to July 2021. The Whythouse has come back swinging with multiple releases over the last few months. Most notable the release of She Said Hi. This country pop track is the first release off The Country Files. She Said Hi has captured a whopping 320,000 streams just on Spotify in it's first three months and continues to climb. The Country Files was created to bring people together, to bring feel good music back to a world that's has been struggling to find Happiness, Peace, Love and most of all Originality. This Northern Rebel Vibe is our own version of what country music should sound like. The Country Files has something for everyone, even if you're not a country fan, from our hip hop beats and basslines, The catchy hooks and that southern swag, all walks of life can get down with this universal music. Check out every song as we guarantee you will find something here you will absolutely love.


  blues, rock, folk, pop

After taking a significant break from music (over fifteen years), decided to give it another swing. Based out of New Milford, New Jersey, USA, recorded a ten-song debut album “Better Now or Never”. Influences from blues, rock, folk, pop, laced with melodies and harmonies. It took about six months to record the entire album at my home studio, with the help of my sound engineer, Les Lovell (The Music Factory – Englewood, NJ). I strongly believe that we should make everyday count and not to take anything for granted. My motivation for doing this project is to bring a little joy and comfort, especially during these challenging times. I believe that it is never too late to pursue your passion and to go for it without reservation.

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