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New Featured Artists


  Pahrump, NV
  Indie / Country / AC

John Michael writes emotional story-telling cross-genre songs with touches of sophistication, raw edged reality, and child-like wonder. His stories relate his life experiences and those of others. Music has been his life. John Michael Ferrari’s childhood was not a happy one. He found refuge in roller skating, ice skating, and playing his guitar and singing. (He was not allowed to play his guitar in his step-father’s house.) The first song he learned was “Tom Dooley” and the first song he wrote at 14 was “Wah Do Wah Do” (not one for the record books.)


  Cape Town, South Africa
  Alternative Rock / Indie

Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter Based In Cape Town South Africa, I made mostly Post Punk But Switch Up To Punk, Brit-Pop And Indie Rock now and then just because why not.


  Maine, United States
  Easy Listening


  Jackson County, OR
  Alternative Rock

The Delphi Ravens are an Alternative Rock Fusion band with compelling and wrenching music. The band says ""We are not vanilla or chocolate but a unique blend of flavors. We make your blood boil and your gut ache and you want more!"" The band is already the Top Ranked Alternative Rock band in all of the Pacific Northwest. Lead singer Kira uses her extensive range to add nuances and power to the music. Backed by experienced musicians and led by songwriter, founder and bassist Papa B, the band takes audiences on musical journeys. Papa B co-writes most tracks with Kira (with input from the band) as they build their music portfolio. The band members backgrounds include metal, hard rock, alternative/indie, jazz, country/blues, traditional rock, and even orchestral = FUSION.


  Helsinki, FInland

High-D, Heidi Marjaana Mantere is vocalist, violinist, Pedagogy in violin teaching, Music pedagogy and Somatic Pilates Instructor. Heidi lives in Helsinki, Finland. She is teaching in East Helsinki Music School and in Helsinki Pop & Jazz Concervatory by her main instrument, violin. Heidi performs a lot, so you should check out her website High-D and musician and producer Pekka Saukkonen have created all music to High-D.


  Hannover/Braunschweig/Hildesheim, Germany

The Lazy Dayz was originally founded in 2018 as a two-man side project by Sascha and Tony, who played together in a band. When this band broke up in early 2019, Kiwi from the previous band also joined. After a shot time Timo also joined as a bass player and they started working on songs together. Lead singer Ingo, with whom Sascha played in a band years ago, completed the line-up in September 2019. The Lazy Dayz released their first album 'Welcome To The Rodeo' on May 2nd, 2021 on all known platforms as download and / or stream. The album was recorded independently from May 2020 to early 2021 and externally mastered in March 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, which lasted during the entire recording period, the work on the album turned out to be challenging; so at almost no time all five band members could work together on the songs. Nevertheless, the band managed to keep their self-selected release date.

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