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Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer Emollient fuses alternative rock, pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and electronic music all into one unique style. Emollient draws inspiration from artists, bands, and producers like Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, Muse, The Killers, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Max Martin, The Weeknd, and Coldplay. He is back with his brand-new single, ‘Back to Life’, an uplifting and positive offering. Even though Emollient created the track whilst feeling down, he mentions that making this tune “was a way to lift my spirit and get out of the depression by doing this song.” The pop track is infused with organic and electronic elements and has a flavourful taste. Layered with vocals, guitars, and electronic instruments, this is a stunning song with a gripping vibe that will draw the listener in from the very first note. "Back to Life is about pushing forward no matter what, think positive thoughts and just be who you are meant to be,” Emollient comments on the track. Emollient is now ‘back to life’ as a music fanatic. This year will be the year where he will go all in to reach new fans, new possibilities, and aim to be back on stage once again. Since 2021, he has released 12-songs, and ‘Back to Life’ is his first offering for 2023.

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