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Djkoalapr or Josh-Wa (Joshua Valentine Rodriguez)urban independent dj & mc and composer from Puerto Rico since 2003. He born in Houston Texas in 1988 but raised in Caguas Puerto Rico. Became mobile dj in 2004. Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Electronic Music, Techno, Trance, Dancehall, R n' b, Trap. In 2005 he meet dj SugarKid who hired him as an assistant dj for some jobs. From 2006 to 2010 Josh-Wa knowed as ""el nene de Caguas' was requested by Dj Rafy Mercenario because dj EZ-Beat recommended him for the album Mundo Demente Album, but offer was rejected due to lack of resources. Participation in various mixed tapes like; Algenis Tha Take Over Mixed Tape 2008, ""Simple Historia de Amor"" Prod by dj Nex in D-One Music Studios, Drug Lord Tha'Mixtape 2009 ""Se por donde ella viene"" Prod by Yalex. And other songs; The Others the mixedtape Prod by Timelezz. Collaborated with different friends and artists like Jeriel Vega Jay Timelezz, EZ beat, Mind Dwela, FJ. Santiago, Algenis Morillo, Jose Alejandro(Yalex now Alethecyber), dj Nex, Tyron, La Mole, Eloy, Dlyon el Salvaje, Santiago Muzic Society and CSP Alone. During those years he became PE teacher. In 2012 he finished his bachelor degree in PE. Education and in 2015 he earn a Master Degree in Non Profit Management . At present he still doing music and exercising his vocation. Please follow on Instagram as: djkoalapr Facebook: Djkoalapr/Josh-Wa Or click Suscribe on djkoalapr YouTube Channel.
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