We Remember

ELWYN RUNDUS memorial on Museboat LIve
We Remember

The time has come to remember artists who are no longer with us, but their music will continue to live in our hearts and in our broadcasts. Please, hold a moment of silence together for our deceased friends.

Left Us Forever

CLAES FREDRIKSSON memory on Museboat LIve CLAES FREDRIKSSON on Museboat Live          

  Claes "Clabbe" Fredriksson
✝ 2023

A guitar hero in Dead Pollys Clabbe passed away by a heart attack in the ambulance in september, 2023. He was such an awesome artist. He played the bass and the guitar with love - not perfection and that made it perfect. He loved rock'n'roll and his family, Fanny, Zeke and Billie. Nizze in Dead Pollys and Clabbe made several european tours and he can be heard in Mansic, Hate is just a Feeling, De Osaligas and Dead Pollys.

Dead Pollys is a swedish act of vintage punk by vintage punkers. It started in 2011 in Stockholm Sweden by Nizze (formerly Sighstens Grannar & Mansic) who is the singer (maker of noise). After a few years Juba (formerly Sir Reg) jumped in on bass. Now Miche is beating the drums (once again), taking over after Martin (De Lyckliga Kompisarna. In 2022 Clabbe (formerly Mansic) was taking over the lead guitar until he unfortunately passed away in september 2023.


Left Us Forever


JEAN CABBIE memory on Museboat LIve


1963 - 2023 Juan Cabrer AKA Jean Cabbie, music composer, producer, rhythm guitar player, singer and leader of the band JEAN CABBIE & THE SECRET ADMIRER SOCIETY

Jean was honest and very friendly person, supporting others more than anyone else. He was closely associated with our channel almost from the beginning of the broadcast. He was always full of positive energy and willingness to support others. We will miss you very much, Jean.


JEFF WEIKEL memorial on Museboat LIve

  Jeff Weikel

1956 - 2019 AKA Sticky, drummer at Stickman Shadow

Jeff was the funnyman, a wonderful friend to many, would give you the shirt off his back. He always had a kind word and a quick joke. He always said: See you in the funny papers... Andy Slovien always regarded himself as a Stickman Son.

ELWYN RUNDUS memorial on Museboat LIve

  Elwyn Rundus

1963-2017 Aka Sexy Legs, Bass and Lead Singer at Stickman Shadow

El was the serious one, wonderful person, loved everyone. Always had a kind word and a song in his heart.

COLIN TENCH memorial on Museboat LIve

  Colin Tench

1954- 2017

Mastermind of several projects including. Colin Tench Project, Corvus Stone, BunChakeze, Murky Red, Minstrel's Ghost and Marco Ragni. He had a serious side when it came to music and anyone that knew and worked with him, would tell you he was under-rated and exceptionally talented.

TASOS LAURENTIADIS memorial on Museboat LIve

  Tasos Laurentiadis

Kind hearted Tasos was the project initiator for WE ARE ONE MCI a global music collaboration to unite artists and fans alike against extreme poverty and homelessness. His efforts are still being carried on today. For the final two years of Tasos’ life, he was almost entirely devoted to his charity We Are One, working 18 hours a day to get his project off the ground. The idea was simple: make rock music; sell rock music; give all the money to the homeless.

RIC DELOZIER memorial on Museboat LIve

  Ric Delozier

1961-2019 Guitar player at Ric Delozier band

Had his day in the sun with the Ohio Players, loved and played his music to the very end. He was a very genuine person never afraid to just be himself. Gave so much joy to so many people.

MAX JAFFA memorial on Museboat LIve

  Max Jaffa

1978- 2011 Drummer at Balfour

Very talented, funny laid back and could joke with the best of them. Wonderful times in the chat room. The commonality in the chatroom was, Who could speak the best Jaffanese? Yes, he had invented a new language.

RALK TORZSOK memorial on Museboat LIve

  Ralf Torzsok

Huge supporter of independent artists, video creator and composer. He made a collage video for many artists including I&SON, ROB´S BASS CAFFE,Sandrine and others.

Please let us know about the loss of a favorite artist from Museboat Live channel rotation and we will commemorate him in this place of honor. Contact us through our email museboatradio @ gmail.com (no spaces) and if possible, send us their photo, links to social networks, websites or music videos.