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Podcasts on Museboat Live   

We know that great podcasts might not be found over the Internet easily.
MuseboatCast brings you interesting podcasts that meets the characteristics of the radio show as well.

Unlike a radio show, a podcast can be listened to (and downloaded) at any time, making it an exceptional media resource. Unfortunatelly, podcasts are not easy to search for over the Internet, limiting their reach if you don't know where to look.

In order to overcome this disadvantage, we have created a system that combines the benefits of a radio show with the benefits of podcast in real time. At the very least on a promotional level.

MuseboatCast is a media space that gives each podcast the benefits of a radio show while maintaining its functionality. Every podcaster on Museboat Live has the ability to present you a podcast in the maintime in the chosen range.

You, as a Museboat channel listener have an unique opportunity to listen to and later to subscribe to interesting shows dealing with various topics like health, sport, crime, cooking, movies, entertainment and others. And what is more important, you get closer to their authors because we invite them to our listen & chat shows.

Are you a podcaster with many stories to tell Museboat Live listeners? Convert your existing podcast into show with airplay slot.



10pm London, 5pm New York, 2pm Las Vegas, 6pm in Rio de Janeiro, 7am Sydney

Traces of Dawn, radio show host personality and lead singer of Traces of Dawn presents: The Story Behind the Song - A Traces of Dawn Music Commentary. Often fans ask, what's the story behind the song? Who is it about? So I decided to bring the fans closer into the inner circle and create commentaries of the personal stories behind the songs. Tune in as I share commentary exclusives, laughter and words of inspiration. Read more...

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Donate Museboat Shows

Show Executive Producer is a form of donation with a considerably reduced minimum of contribution, so that literally anyone can get their name on air under more favorable conditions.

Donors of $15+ will automatically get the Show Executive Producer Title. This is listed on the show notes as Executive Producer and is a credit that we will vouch for. These credits look great on your email signature line too ;-) Any donor will remain anonymous upon request. If you are interested in granting a deduction from the donated financial amount or if you are able to get a substantial donation for Museboat Interactive, join our mission as a Donor Agent in the show executive form.

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