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MuseboatCast is full-featured environment for podcasters supported by broad multimedia promotion. All you need is a computer, internet connection, microphone. ... and commitment, of course :-) You can also submit your existing podcasts (Soundcloud, MixCloud, etc.) and get your podcast show promotion kit (PSPK) along with one hour long airplay slot on Museboat Live.

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- show INTRO - introduction audio file with show title, show host name, show epizode content, etc.
- show OUTRO - audio file at the end of the show saying goodby, thanking to listeners, etc.
- show PARTS - up to 4 audio files with the podcast epizode content, interviews, etc.
- show INFOSPOT - commercial-like audio file introducing the show start time and date

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By submitting this form you agree to place submitted content for promotion on Museboat Live website and at all Museboat Live affiliate websites, inlucing Museboat Live Audio and/or TV-Video Channel. Museboat Live has then right to play podcast show audio in 24/7 rotation, promotional spots and interactive shows mixed with other audio files to promote your podcast to the broader visitor´s base without any payment being due to you.

The relationship between Museboat Live and podcast show host author is based on mutual and gratuitous support. You understand that this media promotion is not a trade by any means.

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Do NOT promote your show´s time and date unless we confirm your airplay slot.
Museboat Live reserves the right to reject a podcast show that doesn’t fit with Museboat Live mission.
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