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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  How do I submit my music to Museboat Live for airplay?

You can submit music anytime as an artist / band representative, official promoter, music label. We accept mp3 music files only. Go to submit your music page and follow instructions.

To create your Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK), we recommend you to send as many links to your websites and social media profile links as possible. We need your URL direct links in shape https://...

We care about about artists copyrights, so please, do NOT send us COVER SONGS unless you have permission from music author to do so.

  How will I know if you received my music and if it will be played?

All music sent to Museboat is reviewed within 1-2 weeks. If we like what we hear we add your track to our database and send you an email to let you know about including your music to Listen & Chat music shows and 24/7 rotation.

We preffer FEATURED ARTISTS for airplay and promotion.

  What kind of music does Museboat Live channel accept for airplay?

We accept music of almost all music genres. Hip-Hop and similar music styles are accepted in case they contain parts of the song with vocals.

For the time being, we do not have special hip-hop/rap show, until we find show dj/host for the music show of this kind of music. If you think you are the one, join our team and produce your own hip-hop/rap show for Museboat Live channel.

  How many songs should I send?

You can send us one song or a whole album for airplay anytime. All received songs will be listed in Museboat Live music catalogue for airplay in our own or third party music shows.

  Which audio formats do you accept?

We accept only mp3 files, 44100Hz, any bitrate. Do not send us wav, m4a or ogg files.

Be sure you rename your mp3 files to the shape: "ARTIST NAME - Song name".

  How do I know my song is going to be on air?

We always let artists know about airplay in music shows on beforehand via email or Facebook messenger.

If you're interested in finding out your music and specific songs already are in 24/7 rotation, open 24/7 rotation playlist and start typing your stage name in thesearch box. All songs we have from specific artist will appear afterwards.

  How do I arrange an interview?

You can find all information about interviewing at this page

Due to the large number of approaches we receive, please note that we may not be able to respond to every request. We also reserve the right to give priority in processing interview requests from Featured Artists.

  How can I become Featured Artist on Museboat Live?

You can become Featured on Museboat simply by placing our our website link ( or our widget code to your music website or blog.

Checkout featured artists page for more information.

  What is Artist Media Promotion Kit?

Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK) is a html plugin with audio and video players, social contacts links, music genre and description and link to music shop. Every artist we accept for airplay will get AMPK for free.

AMPK uses search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your website or blog and help new listeners and fans to find your music easier.

We also offer artists to get their donation button code to the AMPK. Museboat does not take any split from donations received this way. We can send you detailed info about this feature under your request.

  How do I update my free Artist Media Promotion Kit information?

You can find "UPDATE AMPK" link below artist´s bio. Hit the link and follow instructions to update your AMPK. You can also delete your AMPK and all your music from Museboat Live promotion this way.

  Can I send my CD´s for airplay to Museboat?

No. We accept digital music submissions only.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in this form right now.

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