How To Login & Chat

Login to the chatroom by writing your name or nickname to the login tab. No registration is needed and content of the chat will be deleted automaticaly in two weeks. If you are an artist, we recommend you to use your FIRST NAME + STAGE NAME (e.g.: AndyI&SON).

Each LISTEN & CHAT show playlist except of MBMC Top 25 Chart show is FLEXIBLE, which means that we reserve the right to play music from artists and their fans in the chatroom before the others in the first show premiere. The music playlist published on our website is unchanged during the following shows and in show replays on the pages of specific music shows.

We are going to chat with each other so please, INTRODUCE YOURSELVES when in the chatroom for the first time or just say "Hi" and write artist name you support / represent in the show.

Listen & Chat Show Playlists

Almost every airplay of the song in music shows is also tweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook. For this reason, it is advisable to be logged in on Twitter and Facebook during the music show. Every share helps promote your music and bring you new fans and friends on social media.

We promote link to AMPK for every artist along with artist´s cover art during the show. Every artist on Museboat has AMPK with links to social networks, music video, spotify or other audio player and other info. You can find more about artist we play at the moment by clicking on any artist cover or link in the chatroom to open Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK). To close AMPK and return to the chatroom just click on "X" icon at the right top corner.

Every comment in the chatroom on the music we play is important and duly appreciated. The more comments artists have the sooner our listeners can find and request airplay of the song again. Song on demand requests also counts as a nomintations for the MBMC Top 25 Chart on Wednesdays.

What Music We Play

We play music of almost all music genres in our shows. Don´t be surprised by a huge variety of music on Museboat ;-) We love various music genres on condition that music is really good ;-) Prevailing music genres and their variations on Museboat are:

Rock / Pop / Metal / Grunge / Punk / Reggae / Alternative / Indie / Country & Folk / Hip-Hop* / Blues / Instrumental / Progressive Rock* / Dance* / Electronic and many others. We do not play rap in our music shows. For rap music we have special rap audio player.

* We play hip-hop music only in case that the song contains at least one sung part. All Progressive Rock songs are accepted for airplay in 24/7 rotation. However, we limit the length of songs in music shows to 5 minutes. We also limit infinitely long music mixes in the genres of house, techno and similar this way, too.


In case of any issues with sound, refresh radio player (even a few times) at the top of the page and wait a few seconds for radio stream. If it does not help, reset your browser (close and open it again) and clear cache memory (delete cookies). The same procedure counts in case of any issues with chatroom.

If you cannot see chatroom or radio player at all, you probably have something blocked in your browser settings. (browser settings for https (SSL) only, disallowed javascripts, blocked cookies or something else). To fix this issue, just click on this link and open our website again. This will reset conflicts between our audio and SSL.

We recommend use Chrome browser instead of IE or MS Edge. Even when our website and audio player is available on all devices, we recommend you to use laptops or desktops instead of smartphones.


Access to the chatroom is alowed visitors at the age of 18+. If you are not an adult, do not login to the chatroom. The chat room has blocked direct messages to prevent hate speech, defamation, and other unfair practices.

In case of detection of unfair practices of visitors in connection with the chatroom (defamation, abuse, bullying, violent and hateful written expressions), the Museboat website or its connected social networks, please inform us immediately about this action at contact us page.

We mostly do not block any conversation in the chatroom except of the following: TALKS ABOUT POLITICS, TALKS ABOUT ANY KIND OF RELIGION, TALKS ABOUT SEX, ANY KIND OF OFFICIAL MAINSTREAM PROPAGANDA and generally talks about topics not related to artists and their music. Please, avoid to chat about above mentioned because we are here to support music and artists, not making a base for any kind of non-music propaganda.

On the contrary, we allow placement of links to any music websites, music video, band and artist cover pictures, new music promotion and other music-related social networks, music labels/promoters websites and music news.

Chatroom visitors are allowed to insert music promotion related links and pictures to the room at any time. Chatroom is 24/7 and everyone is allowed to use chatroom as a direct promotional place for artists on Museboat.

Do not use chatroom for any other purposes (spamming, promoting merchandize besides music and so on).

Please, be polite and avoid from rude criticism. We are here to support artists.


We start every music show at 10pm London, 11pm Berlin, Midnight Athens and Helsinki, 5pm New York ~ 2pm Las Vegas, 6pm Rio de Janeiro, 6am Tokyo and 7am Sydney, unless otherwise specified.

Every music show has its own website page with present and archived playlists and show replay player, so you can listen to the show again during whole week after its maintime.

During daylight saving time (for about two weeks in March and October), the broadcasting in the US, Canada, Brazil, and Australia is shifted backward/forward or backward by one hour.

In the Europe, show maintime remains unchanged. We always inform you in advance about changes in summer or winter time.


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You don't need any registration to get into the chatroom. The chatroom is open to anyone who creates their nickname.
The original google chat room remains open only for solving potential problems. Representatives of the Museboat team will appear in it every Thursday during the Museboat Family Day program. You can leave a link in the room with a description or a screenshot of your problems with the functionality of our site.

Never pay for entering to any Museboat Chatroom!!! We NEVER ask money to get there. If this by any chance happens, contact us at: museboatradio @ (write email address without spaces) and let us know about it. Find Chatroom access information below. It's free and always will be.

- You can use or input Emoticons/Smileys, GIFs, URL links to the room. Each emoticon or GIF has its original code, which you can find out by moving your mouse or finger over it.
- If you are missing a specific emoticon or gif and would like to add it to our list, put a direct link to the gif (in the form: ) to the chatroom. We will assess it and if the gif is not against the rules of our chat, we will approve it.
- Please, write the name of the artist you represent or support in the chat We suggest creating a nickname with the name of the artist, or the name of the artist with the suffix "fan".
- During the music show, we preferentially play music from artists, their fans or representatives. You can scroll up and down in the chatroom, if you missed some chatpost or info. It is allowed to insert links to social networks, official websites or music stores in the chat.
- Discussions on political, gender, religious, racist and violent topics are NOT allowed. Our goal is to support music regardless of religion, political beliefs, race or sexual orientation.