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Eye On Jamz Show  


  Eye on Jamz with Tim Board

  United States / Australia
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Eye on Jamz brings you the hottest indie music from around the world and from a wide variety of genres. Musicians you are not hearing on commerial radio but should be. We not only bring you the music, we bring the musicians via interviews on the program. If you want to be ahead of the curve and hear great indie music

Shows begin at 11pm London time, which is: 12pm in Berlin, 1am in Athens, 6pm in New York, 3pm in Las Vegas, 7pm in Rio de Janeiro and 8am Sydney time, unless otherwise specified.

To reach listeners regardless of where they live, we replay this LISTEN & CHAT show EVERY THREE HOURS from it´s start time. The start of the show will be announced in advance on Museboat Facebook page and in our Museboat Club Facebook Group


    This show is brought to you by:

    Indenpendet / Original / Newsworthy

    ION Indie Magazine is a global initiative of journalists, photojournalists, and industry professionals that donate their time and talent to promote independent music of all genres. Our publication partners with broadcasters and others to raise awareness for the independent movement; both through the written word and broadcast. Collaboratively, we work to provide a forum to spotlight and support local music…worldwide. We get independent music read about, seen, and heard!

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    All music shows on Museboat Live are produced by vollunteers and exist because of the support of the public.

    We thank you for giving a little back with a one-time donation to continue wonderful music and free promotion programming that is refreshing, engaging, and helps expand perspectives. Any level of support is welcome and will be put to good use.


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