You can submit your original songs for airplay as an artist, recording label representative or official promoter.
We accept almost all music genres.

Copy required statement in the form and paste it to the email message body along with your ARTIST NAME and social contacts. You can send one song or a whole album.

Send the completed form to museboatradio @ (without spaces) and attach audio files or download link.

!!! We accept mp3 files only !!!

Before you send us songs

Remeber that the less info you send the later we process your music submission for airplay. Be sure to fill in social media links you want in your Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK). We prefer links to your official website (.com / .org) with artist´s bio (!!!), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Audio pages like Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or SPOTIFY and one link where our listeners can buy your music. Do NOT copy just facebook or Twitter tag (URL address starting with @ mark). To process your music submission asap, we ask you to copy and paste links starting with http://....


You can use any file transfer service like Wetransfer or Dropbox to send us more songs for airplay. We just need free download link for your music and other stuff.
!!! We accept mp3 files only !!!.
To identify YOUR new music submission, please, always use the same email and write your STAGE NAME to the message.

To get your music into music shows as soon as possible, please read the simple preference condition.



We introduce new music in Listen&Chat show TJ´s Muse Bridge on SUNDAYS.

Anyone can send us a request to play a specific song from our 24/7 rotation.


Is your music already in our 24/7 rotation?
Get your new song or album on the Museboat Live channel now. We accept almost all music genres and listen to your every song. You don't even need to fill out forms.
Just send mp3 files with your music along with your stage name.


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Museboat Live Channel

Museboat is free media promotion website for listeners, artists and brands acting as an intermediate between both, music and business.

Museboat presents Museboat Live channel and Museboat TV-video channel. The main goal of both channels is free multi-media promotion for artists and brands.

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We bring you music from all ALL FEATURED ARTISTS in 24/7 Stars show every Friday / Saturday.

This show starts at 10pm London, 5pm New York, 2pm Las Vegas, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 9am Sydney

Here you can find out when this show starts in your city or region.


We include almost all the music we receive from artists, regardless of the music genre, into our music shows. Our goal is to bring not only the music but also the artist's personality closer to our listeners, friends and music producers, whom we regularly invite to visit the chatroom.

By visiting our chatroom after our invitation, you get closer to the possibility of getting into other music shows, music charts and competitions or to organizing an interview.

Therefore, please, pay attention to communication with us and try to respond to email messages, messages on social networks or at least comment on some of our posts and tweets. Liking and following our channel helps in the same way.

We accept almost all music genres. Rap, Hardcore Metal, Core Alternative and other unusual music styles have their own audio players.


We introduce new music in Listen&Chat show TJ´s Muse Bridge on SUNDAYS.

Anyone can send us a request to play a specific song from our 24/7 rotation.

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