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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  How do I listen to Museboat Live?

Audio player loader is in the header of every main category website page.

How to listen to the Museboat Live channel.

Load it by clicking red play icon button on the upper left side of the page.

Audio player loads stream with options.

How to listen to the Museboat Live channel.

Click on play icon and wait a few seconds for stream.

If player stops playing you can refresh it using the option icon.
If it does not help, refresh whole page one more time.

If you want to listen to nowplaying song again, you can send us SONG ON DEMAND request using heart icon.

You can also tweet airlay of the song you like using twitter icon:

If you can hear severe echo in your sound device, you probable have more then one website page with audio player opened. Check all opened pages and turn off the player you do not want to use.

Museboat Live Home page player default autoplay is always set to "OFF".

You can listen to the Museboat free media promotion stream with your headphones or audio device at your computer or with any mobile device. Audio player is optimised for all devices.

  How do I listen to Museboat Live on my mobile phone?

Museboat website is optimized for all devices.

  Is this the only music player at Museboat?

No, it is certainly not.
You can also listen to specific music genre you love by using our Excklusive music players. We have players with pop, rock, alternative, country, folk and reggae music.

If you do not want to listen to music shows or to be interrupted by informational spots, use muligenre music player. Read more about exclusive music players.

  How do I watch Museboat TV-Video?

To watch TVV, select Museboat TVV in the home menu.
Click on screen and allow sound in the TVV bar.
If you have any issues with TV, just click on refresh icon:
We have optimised website pages for both, Android and iOS devices.

To open TV schedule, just move your mouse to TV player and click on TV guide :

  When does Museboat broadcasts Listen & Chat music shows?​

Listen & Chat music show MAINTIME is always at the same time, which is:

10pm London ~ 11pm Berlin ~ 5pm New York ~ 2pm Las Vegas ~ 4pm St. Louis, 7pm Rio de Janeiro and 9am in Sydney.

When time´s changing in the US, all show begins at 6pm New York, 5pm St. Louis and 3pm Las Vegas in a period of two weeks.

We replay some of our music shows every three hours, so you can listen to new show
at the time you like.

Due to the inability to avert stream delays we recommend to refresh audio player right before the music show. This option always ensures your listening in real-time.

  Can I view your 24/7 rotation and show playlists online?

Yes. 24/7 rotation is available here.

  What kind of music does Museboat Live play?

Museboat is multi-genre which means we play almost all music genres in our free audio stream promotion. We play rock, metal, pop, ambient, RnB, soul, reggae, instrumental, jazz, blues, progressive and other best known music genres.

If you are a core lover of other music genres, you can join our tem and produce your own Museboat music show.

  Does Museboat Live play mainstream music?

Unless we have a permission from music author or copyright holder we do not play mainstream music but we invite world-famous artists and music personalities to join our Listen & Chat music shows as a guests to greet and support other Museboat Live listeners and artists.

  I´m having trouble listening to live audio. What am I supposed to do?

Functionality of our website in your computer depends on your internet browser and its settings. We strongly recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer / Edge. Do not block javascripts in your browser settings.

If you do not have sound after a few seconds after pushing "PLAY" button in the player, check out Current Song bar below the player volume bar if our stream is live, first. When you can see any "ARTIST - Song" in the nowplaying bar, reset audio player by clicking on refresh player icon in the player . If it does not help, reset your website browser (turn it off and on) and clear you cache memory in browser settings (delete cookies). In most cases this helps to start audio. When issues prevail, let us know about it at our CONTACT PAGE.

  How do I chat with Museboat listeners?

Find and open chatroom from the main menu.

  Do I have to register to get to the chatroom?

No. You can get to the chatroom simply by creating your own nickname:

You can change your nickname and also cover picture and other details anytime later after chatroom login. We strongly recommend artists to use their STAGE NAME as a nickname in the chatroom to be recognised by other chatroom visitors easily.

  What are chatroom rules and terms?

You must be 18+ years old what you confirm after you create and submit your nickname.

Please, be polite and without harsh criticism in the chatroom. We are here to support artists, brands, listeners, radio stations and podcasters, not to fight each other.

Keep in mind our main aim in the chatroom - to support fantastic artists, listeners and brand owners. That´s why we do not allow talks about politics, gender ideology, religious matters and so on.

Please, use other places to reveal your political, sexual or religious views.

Unless you want to contact administrator / moderator of this chatroom, please, do not use / read / answer private messages. Mind that there are MANY HATERS OUT THERE trying to sledering others or spreading hateful views.

Any kind of personal or group hate posts will result in banning such chat visitor FOR EVER. No exclusions. If someone is sending you annoying or slendering public or personal messages ny misusing our website and its credibility, please, let us know.

  How can I become chatroom moderator?

To become chatroom moderator you must be 18+ years old. Just let us know about your interest to become CHAT LEADER in your country or town.

  Do I need to pay or to register in order to listen?

No registration or payment is required for streaming or voting.

The most of what we do for artists and entrepreneurs at our websites is free of any charge, some features might be donationware though (e.g. executive producer title, Instore Music Player website or pocast website).

  Can I download a song or can you send me a copy?

Museboat Live does not allow download of any music directly from this site.
However, you can purchase almost every music we play from artist´s shop pages.

Every artist on Museboat Live has an opportunity to get shop link to Amazon, Bandcamp or other music shop pages for free. Just hit on any artist cover and open Artist Media Promoiton Kit to find if you can buy music.

  How do I make a song request?

You can send your song on demand request on this website page or by selecting "Song On Demand" from the website music menu.

Song requests are automated to a queue by the hour and date of receipt. The more song requests we receive, the sooner a song will get to the Top 25 music chart.

  How do I know when my favourite song will be on air?

To get to know when your favourite song is going to be on air, click on Send me info about airplay checkbox in the form and fill in your email / facebook profile link.

  How can I support Museboat?

There are many ways how to help Museboat Live mission. We appreciate any kind of help to keeping this website running for free.

You can share our content, like our Facebook pages, place our widgets to your website or blog or to donate us by affordable amount of money.
Support our mission
If you are interested in granting a deduction from the donated financial amount or if you are able to get a substantial donation for Museboat Live, join our mission as a DONOR AGENT.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in THIS FORM right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

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