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    Melbourne, Australia


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The Art of Letting Go by ANA is a portrait of passion and emotion bared to the bone, the skin peeled back on our hearts showing new vibrant colors. Anna Khristenko offers us an intimate vocal that is mesmerizing, smooth, and ethereal, yet also rocking, sassy, and badass. Like a magic carpet ride through mist and shadows, the band creates a sense of suspense and payoff like some mystic noir-setting suddenly becoming a lighted path to an absolute beauty. The music is addictive, catchy, and hauntingly vivid. The album was produced by Josh Mak & Anna Khristenko, recorded & mixed by Chris Themelco (Eye of the Enemy, Colour & Shade, Naberus) at Monolith Studios, and mastered by Thomas 'Plec' Johansson (Groove Armada, Soilwork, Mayhem) at The Panic Room Studio.

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