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MUSEBOAT TV and Video channel

Museboat Musies Award SUMMER 2021
  release date: 05/05/2021

Based on a huge number of votes in favor of the continuation of the Museboat Musies Award, we decided to continue this successful competition in 2021 so that the opportunity is given to all the fantastic artists whose music we are honored to play in our broadcasting. Don't wait until December and nominate your favorite songs for the competition right now

Competition begins on May 5th 2021 by releasing 25 the most popular songs on Museboat requested by listeners in 2021. Send us song requests to play any great song from 24/7 Active Rotation.

The Gala Show will start on June 27th 2021 one hour sooner than usual which means at 9pm London time, 10pm in Berlin, 11pm in Athens, 4pm in New York, 1pm in Las Vegas, 6pm in Rio de Janeiro and 8am Sydney.

24/7 Active Rotation

MUSEBOAT TV and Video channel

  Museboat TVV Channel

  release date: 01/17/2020

Museboat TV-video channel is a fan-first destination covering music video, interviews, brand advocacy and other video content that drives conversation and debate. We accept video submissions from museboat listeners, artists and brands. If you are looking for the same boring entertainment then close your browser. It is our desire to bring fresh, entertaining, and innovative programming not found anywhere. Excellence is our fundamental goal on web Museboat MTVV. We want the viewing audience to see this is the place to be. Dare to be Different!

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Indie A music talent contest on Museboat Live channel

Indie A ® Music Talent Contest
  release date: 01/01/2021

Indie A ® is the Music Talent Contest for independent artists with the possibility of winning the Main Prize in Ca$h.

Artists have a great opportunity to show their talent and fight for top positions in the brand new competition on Museboat Live Channel.

We accept all musical genres in the contest and The Only Way how to win this competition is to prove popularity in the form of votes received in the competition´s poll. Contest Poll is available to everyone 24/7 and listeners can vote as many times as they like.

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  Museboat Musies Gala Show

  release date: 12/06/2020

It is a real pleasure to present the brand new music show Museboat Musies Award, which will be the culmination of our competition for the best song on Museboat. This festive music show, which will include a draw for the winner of the financial prize, will take place on December 6, 2020 .

We invite everyone who has tirelessly voted for the best song from a music catalog created in ten years to join us in the chat room and congratulate all participants and winners of the competition and enjoy our festive program with a few nice surprises.

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