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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  What is Exclusive Music Player?

Exclusive Music Player is a free music solution for your store in any working place like shop, restaurant, pub, art gallery, garage or in an office. In a way, it is a free alternative to FM radio with 24/7 audio stream controlled by you.

  How can I get Exclusive Music Player?

Exclusive music player is available at this page.

  What will I need to run Exclusive Music Player in my office or in a shop?

You will need just computer with speakers and an access to the Internet. And the electricity, of course ;-)

  What kind of music is available?

We offers various music genres to create the best listening experience for you and your fans, friends and customers divided into music themes.

You can choose pop, rock, country, folk, reggae, alternative or multigenre audio player for your office or shop. Our long-term aim is to bring more unique exclusive music players in the future.

You can also get Instore music player with an advanced features and your own website as a donationware. Advanced features includes private disk space, webhosting, domain name, 24/7 streaming and other options. If you want to know more, ask for information.

  How does exclusive music player looks like?

Here is demo picture of a player.

Instore music player demo picture

Every Exclusive music player is equipped with the following controls:

- adjustable playlist under the specific needs
  (music theme suitable for shop athmosphere)
- refresh player button
- random playlist setting (shuffle)
- deleting songs from playlist
- search for song option
- replaying any song from playlist
- playing nex/previous song
- mute / move forward / refresh player functions

NOTE: You may experience some slight issues with older mobile phones. Some player features are dependant on your mobile memory and internet connection speed. In this case, we do not propose to use search and edit songs feature on very old devices. Functionality of audio player is not affected, though.

  Do I have to install app or program?

You need not to buy any hardware or appliances to run your playlist from any place. The only thing you need is your computer and internet connection.

You can even use our online recording tool to record your own in-shop audio announcements.

  Do I have to pay for it?

Using exclusive music player is completely free of any charges.

If you do not trust "FREE" services and want instore music player equipped with advanced pro functions, you can try our donationware program. Contact us and let us know your needs.

  Can I download songs from instore player?

Museboat Live does not allow download of any songs in 24/7 rotation but you can buy almost every song directly from artist´s music shop.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in THIS FORM right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

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