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Indie A - The Music Talent Contest

Let your music career grow

Indie A ® Music Talent Contest - JANUARY 2021

It is our honour and pleasure to announce the winner
of The Indie A ® Music Talent Contest for January 2021!

Indie A Music Talent Contest Winner

We accept all music genres and The Only Way to win this competition is to prove popularity in the form of votes received in the competition´s poll and in finding a few minutes of your time to support other artists worldwide.

Song on demand show

Participation in our competition really pays off because in addition to the opportunity to win the constantly increasing main prize in cash, we offer EVERY CONTESTANT 112 times airplay in the prime time during the whole month.

Yes, 112 times for everyone! The main cash prize is growing with the number of registered artists.

Indie A - The Music Talent Contest   Worldwide
  Music Contest with Cash Prize
  All Music Genres

Indie A ® is the Music Talent Contest for independent artists with the possibility of winning the Main Prize in Ca$h. Artists have a great opportunity to show their talent and fight for top positions in the brand new competition on Museboat Live Channel.

Indie A ® MAY 2021

We accept all musical genres in the contest and The Only Way how to win this competition is to prove popularity in the form of votes received in the competition´s poll. Contest Poll is available to everyone 24/7 and listeners can vote as many times as they like.

We update the preliminary results of the competition as well as the amount of the prize in cash every day and anyone can send votes. The conditions of the competition together with the entry form can be found below.


* Please, Copy, fill in and send us the entry form for the competition and then click Pay Now button to execute the payment. You can pay for more songs in one PayPal pament.
Just write proper amount to the Payment tab.

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  What is Indie A ®

Indie A ® is the Music Talent Contest for independent artists with the possibility of winning the Main Prize in Ca$h. Artists have a great opportunity to show their talent and fight for top positions in the brand new competition. Indie A ® is designed for solo artists, bands, and singers all over the world who are looking for exposure, recognition, and a chance to be noticed by industry professionals. The competition is open to artists from all over the world regardless of the musical genre and songs can be in any language.

Contest includes several rounds during which all songs will be played 112 times within one month in the main broadcasting of the Museboat Live channel.

The audience will be able to place their vote and help determine the winner, who will be announced at the end of the final Music Talent Show. The final music show of the music talent contest is co-hosted by TaunJua AKA TJ and takes place on the last Thursday of a specific month.

If you are interested in supporting this show and becoming an Official Executive Producer, contact us at our address museboatradio @ (without spaces).

  What are the categories ?

Categories include all music genres. We accept pop, rock, blues, metal, soul, rnb, EDM, techno, electronica, reggae, folk, country, alternative, rap, hip-hop, classical, instrumental and any subgenres of the above metioned musical styles.

  Do you accept cover songs ?

We accept only original compositions.

  How many songs can I enter ?

We have no limit to the number of songs you may enter. You may enter as many songs as you wish in as many different categories. It is advisable to enter as many songs as you think accurately represents you overall as an artist.

  Do listeners have to pay for voting in Indie A ® contest ?

Listeners can vote for any or every song in the competition and as many times as they like. Voting poll access link is inside the audio player next to every song. This feature is completely free of any charges and listeners can even join Annual Cash Prize Raffle.

  How to join Music Talent Contest ?

Contest entrance is allowed every artist with PayPal account or a Credit Card. Visit our contest entering form and fill in your details. Then send us your songs (prefferably in mp3 format). You can also send us any file transfer download link for your songs. Mind that for the most effective promotion of your music, at least basic information is needed (official website link, cover art, facebook or any website where our listeners can find more about you).

  What can I get by participating ?

Each competition round will be repeated seven times in 24 hours immediately after the broadcast of Thursday's main music show, which means that each song will receive 112 times airplay in one month.

Grand Prize winner will receive in addition to the main prize in cash

- downloadable winner certificate
- one free ticket for the Anual Cash Prize Raffle 2021 worth $5
- interview aired at any required time
- promotional article
- free position in the next month of the contest for one song

  How much does it cost to join ?

The current entry fee is $5 per song, valid for the first 4 songs. Fifth and other songs entering fee is $2.50. Every contestant´s fee increases the amount of the Main Cash Prize.

  How much can I win ?

Contestants fees increase the amount of the main prize in the contest. The minimum cash prize is set at $20 and increases as the number of new entrants. The final amount of the cash prize will be announced at our website daily from the start to the end of the contest. There is no limit for the main prize in cash.

  What are Contest Terms & Conditions ?

The rules of the competition are simple. The song that gets the most votes wins wink

All entrants will be notified by email that their entry has been received. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check your junk mailbox.

Artists are allowed to enter songs that have been entered into other competitions and entrants retains ALL rights to the songs. The Indie A ® does NOT own the song or any rights to it.

There is no limit in the number and the length of the songs in the contest.

All songs in the contest will be released in free-to-access audio player at the contest´s website page. Voting poll access link is available directly in the audio player.

Contest begins with at least two contestants and five songs in the contest. If this condition is not met, the competition is postponed until the next month.

We reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time and under any conditions leading to its justified termination. In this case, the entry fees will be refunded to the competitors in the amount corresponding to the services provided. Fees for money transfers are always paid by the competitor.

  Is the contest fee refundable ?

After you enter the competition, your entry fee will be used immediately to increase the main prize of the entire competition. We cannot afford to cancel the announced amount of the main prize.

A partial refund of the entry fee is only possible in the event of a justified cancellation of the entire competition.

  I won the main prize. What will follow ?

All entrants will receive notification of winners via email.
Indie A ® winner will be announced in the final Music Talent Show.

The main prize in the competition will be sent to the winner's paypal account within one week of the new month.

  My question is not answered here. How can I ask something?

Send us your question in THIS FORM right now. Do not forget to fill in all relevant details in the form.

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