Exclusive Music Player   

Museboat Live offers various audio channels playing the best music from around the world. Enjoy hours and hours of great music from Museboat Live channel music exclusive catalogue. Every song in playlist is reviewed and you always have control over your music playlist.


Pop / RnB / Soul / Easy Listening / Americana / Singer-songwriter / Latin Pop / EDM / House / Funk / Techno / Dance /
Afro Pop

Listen to the best pop songs on Museboat Live channel


Hard Rock / Indie Rock / Metal / Progressive / Blues / Garage / Rock & Roll / Experimental Rock / Art Rock / Soft Rock


Country / Folk / Celtic / Americana / Bluegrass / Cajun / Jugband / Honky Tonk / Hellbilly

Listen to the best country and folk songs on Museboat Live channel


Britpunk / Grunge / Punk / Goth / New Wave / Art Punk / Folk Punk / Lo-fi / Crust Punk / Steampunk

Listen to the best alternative songs on Museboat Live channel


Dancehall / Roots Reggae / Ska / Americana / Raggamuffin / 2-Tone / Reggae Fusion / Rocksteady /

Listen to the best reggae songs on Museboat Live channel


Rock / Pop / Coutnry / Folk / Reggae / Singer-Songwriter / Electronic / Jazz / Instrumental / World / New Age / Latin

Listen to the best music of all genres on Museboat Live channel

Exclusive Music Player Details

To play music in exclusive music player you will need just computer with speakers and an access to the Internet.
And the electricity, of course ;-)

Instore music player demo picture

Exclusive music player is equipped with the following controls:

- adjustable playlist under the specific needs
  (music theme suitable for shop athmosphere)
- refresh player button
- random playlist setting (shuffle)
- deleting songs from playlist
- replaying any song from playlist
- playing nex/previous song
- mute / move forward / refresh player functions

- save playlist option is coming soon

You need not to buy any hardware or appliances to run your playlist from any place and you can even use our online recording tool to record your own audio announcements.

Using Museboat Live Instore Music Player is completely free of any charges.

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