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Museboat Live
The best free multi-media promotion channel

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Guest Blogs

If you're a blogger then you are most likely familiar with the term
guest blogging: when a writer develops content for a blog that is not their own.

Blogging as a guest on Museboat Live is a great way to increase your site rank because of the links that exist back to your site from the blog you are appearing on. When individuals comment, share, like or link to your blog it moves up your site rank, which means it’s more likely to pop up when someone Google searches a relevant topic. Featuring guest posts will expose your audience to a new perspective and fresh new content.

Guest Vlogs

Guest vlogging is pretty much just like guest blogging.

Vlogging as a guest on Museboat Live is a great way to increase your YouTube channel views (and earnings as well) due to the multiplying of the traffic to your site. All you need to do is to send us link to your video and we will place it to our TV/Video channel. Enjoy opportunity to share your fantastic video with the rest of the world and even keep earning money with your YouTube Ad Revenue programme! Also mind that we are 24/7.

Shop With Us

You can support Museboat Live promotional channel through the shop page. From unique products through comodity products to digital stuff, all purchases support Museboat Live programming! We receive a portion of the proceeds from the items you purchase through our online shop page. No account creation is needed to shop in our online store. By buying any item from our store you keep our multimedia promotion to be free.

Museboat Live Regions

Museboat Live Region represents either whole country or state, town, village, or any group people with mutual interests like sport club, company staff, Facebook group, other civic association, etc.

Everyone can establish Museboat Region and help us with high-level support of fantastic music from around the world just by filling out registration form. Person who establish Museboat Region (e.g. Museboat Live Nevada) automaticly becomes its Chairman.

We unite people from all around the world to join free promotional network and help artists to get their music heard. To meet this goal, we are trying to get companies, entrepreneurs, self-employers or various groups to join our movement in exchange for free media promotion of their work, whether it is company product, service, fundrising campaign or any other activity.

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