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Back on Deck Music Show on Museboat

Back On Deck is a new music show produced by Museboat Live, which will gradually bring you the best music we have played at Museboat Live in the previous ten years. Back on deck comes every other Monday throughout October and November 2020 until the end of our competition for the best song on the Museboat Live channel.

The right to decide which song will win the title of the Best Song of All Time on Museboat belongs only to you. You decide which songs you think fall into the category of "eternally great" in direct voting through the Museboat website.

You can vote every day and as many times as you like, and not only that. You can also nominate your own favorite song of all times, regardless of whether you are an artist or a listener.

All votes count, so visit our anniversary website and send us your own nomination. Facebook

Back On Deck show for MONDAY, November 2th 2020
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