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Do you have a news or story to share with our listeners? Send your interview request and we will produce awesome interview together.

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An intervew on Museboat Live allows you to promote your upcoming event, new product or service release and more. Interview will be 20 minutes long or less. We offer one interview per year for every featured artist or brand.

Making an interview on Museboat Live is possible in two simple ways. The first one is just to select a suitable app you want to use for being contacted by Museboat Live host. The second one is more suitable for artists and is based on pre-recorded answers which we will place to our airtime.

To make a great interview requires some aditional work from its participants though. Great Interview production requires intriguing questions and answers telling far more about you and your brand then any other marketing material. Simply, the great interview requires A story behind you.

That´s why we expect artists or brand representatives to create questions that signal interesting answers telling this story.

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