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Ten years on air

Join our Contest and Win Rising Cash Prize

Contest open to anyone over the age of 18 with a PayPal Account.
The minimum cash prize is set at $50 for the winner and... watch out!

Plus the amount collected from the contest entering fees!

We will not keep a penny from entering fees except for the costs associated with transferring money to the winner´s accounts.

The final amount of money raised will be announced on our website daily from the start to the end of the competition at this website page.


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More tickets, the better chance to win the main prize

Ten years on air

Ten years on air

During the competition, we will regularly publish the serial numbers of all participants in the competition assigned to the purchased tickets.

According to the first four letters of the paypal email address, everyone can immediately identify unique ticket numer in the competition, regardless of the quantity purchased.

A summary of the amount collected, including the serial numbers of the competitors, will be published regularly on Raffle Contestants Page

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