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TJ´s Muse Bridge show is introducing new artists and new songs to the Museboat Live family always on Sundays at the show maintime, which is

10pm London ~ 11pm Berlin ~ Midnight Helsinki ~ 5pm New York ~ 2pm Las Vegas ~ 4pm St. Louis ~ 6pm Rio de Janeiro ~ 7am Sydney

Show replays for the rest of the World are every three hours after the show maintime.

To reach listeners regardless of where they live, we replay this LISTEN & CHAT show EVERY THIRD HOUR three times after it´s start time. The start of the show is always announced in advance on Facebook.

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    Jackson County, OR, USA
    Alternative Rock Fusion

The Delphi Ravens are an alternative rock fusion band combining several musical styles. The Ravens were founded in late 2019 by bassist and songwriter Papa B.™ The band comes from the Pacific Northwest with its rich history of breakthrough music. Vocalist Kira delivers her dynamic vocals and co-writes many of the songs. The Band says, “We aren't vanilla or chocolate, but a blend of unique musical flavors!” In 2021 the band recorded and released 7 new tracks - gained 25000 followers - had 85000 streams - was named Artist of the Month in June by MTV Rock - and is still ranked the number one Alternative Rock band in the Pacific Northwest in the USA by ReverbNation.

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      Kansas City Missouri USA

The DHP hail from Grain Valley, MO, and consists of Darren Holland and Cheryl Holland. They have a groovy vibe that really draws you in and keeps people wanting for more. These bangers have been featured on Wolf Rock Radio, Belter Radio, Hard Rock Radio, Menace House of Indies, Banks radio AU, Indie Rampage Radio, and many more. Darren Holland has been playing music for a long time and hails from MO. His mix of pop/rock/indie leaves with a retro feel and new nuances! He features several singers, including himself and Cheryl Holland. Darren creates, writes, and plays most of the instruments on every album. His goal is to become a writer for other artists.

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      Costa Rica
     Pop / Rock

A poet since she could string words together, Seattle born Plethora of Bliss didn’t realise she could write music until later in life. One day, a friend asked her to sing some of his original music, and she suggested changes to make his songs more vibrant. Soon after, she started writing her own music, which turned into her biggest passion. Plethora of Bliss recorded her first single, “Change It All” in 2020 after being introduced to producer Miguel Garcia of Octavia Studios, in Costa Rica where she currently resides. She refers to him as her “Interpreter” because of his ability to understand what she is hearing in her mind and put it into digital format to share her music with the world. Plethora of Bliss does not consider herself a singer/songwriter so much as a composer who sings her own material. Her goal is to continue bringing music to the world that is inspirational, uplifting, and meaningful. She hopes to one day write for other established artists. Her biggest joy is to write songs that touch people’s hearts and souls.

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TJ´S MUSE BRIDGE SHOW for October 29th 2023

Show´s at (SHOW MAINTIME CHANGE IN THE US / BR / AU !!!) 10pm London ~ 11pm Berlin ~ Midnight Helsinki ~ 6pm New York ~ 3pm Las Vegas ~ 7pm Rio de Janeiro ~ 9am Sydney (SHOW MAINTIME CHANGE IN THE US / BR / AU !!!) unless otherwise specified.





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