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Mesmerising is an Italian indie singer/ songwriter, he was born in southern Italy on the first of May 1977. He grows up listening to English rock music of the ’70s as Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple... He plays self-educated piano and autodidactic singer with a tenor range vocal and an original falsetto style. He played with some good and popular rock band in his town and now is working as a performer singer in many Resorts in Italy and all around the world. In 2012 he recorded his first solo album with the Italian indie label, Seahorse Recordings, the name of the cd’s The golden dawn of the tramp, with 10 tracks inside written by him of Alternative rock music. The single, Don’t get wrong your love, gets much passage in many radio programs and it was included in an important collection of the indie artist by the press office Sfera Cubica.

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