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BAMIL is a Puerto Rican multi-instrumentalist, Recording artist, singer-songwriter, engineer and record producer of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Instrumental, Gospel, Country, Electronica, R&B, Progressive. BAMIL has being professionally in the music biz since 2000. His work can be found on the award winning productions with smooth jazz 'Elements 119', hard rock 'Buildings, Roads + Minds' and on his solo works. BAMIL has being solo Artist since 2008 with 12 full original Albums 'til 2022. BAMIL is an ASCAP member songwriter since 2001. Owner and creator of Cave Wolf Recording Studio, Red Wolf Amidst The Forest Publishing and the 273 NOTERECORDS Music Label. BAMIL has being writing songs for other artists including the multi-award winning christian gospel song 'Touched' performed by Zandra Arnold. BAMIL is also a music reviewer and writer for several venues and magazines like Write Away Magazine and Drooble Music. BAMIL has being awarded with several ASCAP Plus Awards and many worldwide accolades for his work on Pop and Jazz.
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