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Artist Of The Week (AOTW) is ever continuing campaign featuring the most popular artists on Museboat Live in the past week. Anyone can nominate an Artist of The Week by supporting other artists on Facebook.


  Buea, Cameroon
  Afro-Jazz contemporary

Belole Ray (born Barbara Belole Achingale) is the fifth child in a family of six children. Born on 22 October 1990 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, to a humble, average-income family, she was brought up and educated in the Catholic tradition. After her high school Education, she studied Theology at the John Paul II institute of Theology and Philosophy in Buea. A song writer, singer, guitarist and recording artiste, Ray took after her father, Henry A. Achingale, a well-known song writer and chorister who has composed many thrilling songs for the Catholic and Baptist Churches in Cameroon as well as others with social and political themes sung by the famous Mamfe Youth Choir International, a group he founded in the early 1970s and led up till the mid-1980s.

  C E L A V I

  Bangor, North Wales, UK
  industrial / rock / electro

HALL OF FAME artist.
C E L A V I are an industrial/rock/electro band from Bangor, North Wales. The heavy guitar driven sound of their music is dramatically contrasted by Sarah’s soft and delicate voice which compliments their music and makes them stand out from the crowd.


  Seaton, Devon, UK
  Singer-songwriter / DJ

HALL OF FAME artist.
British Born (Bristol UK.) ProducerSingerSongWriter-DJ. - I am Living In Seaton Devon UK--also lived in Perth Western Australia .. Been recording producing my Dance - pop - Tropical House-Hip Hop Songs,Mixes And all Styles of music - Had plays on BBC Devon, Croydon Radio Museboat Radio--Belter Radio. I use workstation, keyboards, computer programs Pro Sample Packs and now some ipad apps - plus my own vocals. I like trying new music hardware and software to produce my music tracks.


  Stepaside, ENG, UK
  hard rock / metal

HALL OF FAME artist Ravenheart(GB) are a unique and powerful band fusing hard rock/metal to produce music which is a darkly gothic and melodious mix, influenced by metal, rock, sci fi, fantasy, horror and the dystopian times we live in. Their sound is built on a solid dynamic and aggressive rhythm section, precise and melodic rhythm guitars add to the grandeur, the soaring and evocative lead guitars increase the intensity and the vocals top it off with a spooky sense of pending danger.


  Delafield, Wisconsin
  EDM / Ambient

Wisconsin music producer Vatriox (pronounced Vay-tree-ox) is an upcoming independent EDM artist who uses powerful rhythms and bouncy melodies to keep his audience entertained.



Standing Crew is Hardrock band from Finland. We got influences from 80¨s and 90's hardrock bands as Mötley Crüe, Motörhead etc. We handle everything in our band ourselves: Recording, mixing, cover art, music videos etc.


  Morrovalle, MC, IT

Formed in March 2001, Ibridoma was from the start the brainchild of Alessandro Morroni (drums) And Christian Bartolacci (vocals). Later on, Ibridoma took part in several music competitions, winning the first prize at the "ROCK AROUND THE ROAD" festival in 2004. Starting from this result, the band had the qualifications to begin composing own lyrics. Indeed, they released the "Lady Of Darkness" EP in 2005, obtaining a distribution contract with Nightmare Records (USA) and several good reviews on musical websites in Italy, Holland, France, Portugal, Brazil and Germany. In 2006 Ibridoma performed live in Lisbon (Portugal) supported by Mindfeeder, a local band. In 2007 Ibridoma took a stab at their second project, “Page 26”, that immediately meet the favour of critics. The new album has been followed by several live shows that lead the band to support also famous artists like The Dogma, Uli Jon Roth (former Scorpions), Richie Kotzen (former Poison / Mr Big), Rigo Rigetti & Roby Pellati (Ligabue), Linea 77, Theatre of the Vampire and Necrodeath. In June 2008, Alone In The Wind track appeared in Rock Hard Compilation. During February and March 2009, the band supported the Blaze Bayley’s Italian tour. After this tour the band starts to work to the first full length: "Ibridoma", published in 2010 by UK Division and SG Records. After the first album the band starts to play live again, in 2011 Ibridoma starts to work to the second full length, produced by M. E. Baskette and published in April 2012 by SG Records .A new promotional tour follows the album release and Ibridoma play live with Rhapsody of Fire, Secret Sphere and Almah. Always in 2012, after an intense live activity, in November plays as Headliner in the principal Greek cities. In 2013 started to record their third album, produced by Max Morton and published by SG Records in 2014 published in May “Goodbye Nation”. In 2015 Ibridoma support Sabaton in the Russian tour (March), in July support in Rome Queensryche!!! 2016- the 4th album was released. The album was produced by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio. There are two very special guests from IRON MAIDEN Paul Di Anno and Blaze Bayley. 2017- the band released an acoustic split album with adamas (route 77) 2018- the new 5th album City of Ruins was released , new official video clip Sadness comes . 2019 - some other show in Italy and a new official Vedio Clip “ Di Nuovo Inverno “ from City Of ruins.


  New York, NY
  Singer Songwriter

Melanie Edwards is an award-winning composer, singer, songwriter, pianist, violinist and music practitioner. She is best known for her hit single “Daniel’s Lane,” winner of several accolades including Ourstage’s “New Music Revolution Achievement Award,” thrice, and “Best Single” in her genre by “Mashable,” which catapulted her into The Deli’s “Top 100 Best Songwriters of NYC.” Melanie’s popular single “Who’s Gonna Color in the Middle?” received “Best of World Music” three consecutive months. Her single “Sugar” won “Top Achievement Award in Best Singer-Songwriter,” and she was awarded “Best in Jazz” for her ballad “No More Drinking.” Melanie ranked “Top 100 Best of Pop” on Ourstage in 2015, as well as “Best Singer Songwriter” for her single “The Circle” in the Online Music Awards. Likewise, she won the Damien Rice Lyric Contest for her rendition of Rice’s “9 Crimes” (her version “9 Crimes Response”) as “Best Cover” for Artists Den. Melanie has also been nominated as “Best Singer/Songwriter + Best Original Songwriting” for The Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts. Melanie was awarded a full stipend research grant for songwriting at Can Serrat International Artist Residency in Barcelona, received grants for music and songwriting at Odysseys Artist Residency in Costa Rica, and enjoyed a two month scholarship for music at Arteles Creative Residency Program in Hameenkyro, Finland.


  Hélécine, BE
  Rock / Heavy Melodic Rock / Progressive Rock

Murky Red is a Belgian based band founded in 2009, who combines elements of classic rock, prog rock, blues, stoner, and metal in their music. If their musical style was a human life form, it would be the love child of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, and Led Sabbath. Slayer and Monty Python were the nannies.


  Philadelphia, PA

Tracy Colletto has garnered comparisons to Carole King, Jonatha Brooke and Joni Mitchell for her songwriting and vocal style. Several songs from her most recent album, Chocolate Happy Cake, have been added to playlists for many terrestrial and online radio stations, including WXPN's Sleepy Hollow and Women of Substance. Her single, "The Ride," is a nominee for Best Alt. Country Song at the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards (2016). She has also earned an Honorable Mention in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition for her song "The Promise" (2001), won runner-up in the Triad Music Festival Songwriting Standoff (2017), was a nominee for "Best Indie Female Artist" by Radio-Wigwam in the UK (2017) and earned a bronze medal for lyrics/album from Global Music Awards for Chocolate Happy Cake (2019). In addition to music, Tracy has a passion for the natural world, visual arts and traveling. Tracy's current projects include releasing new singles and collaborating with a writer to make a musical with her music. “Tracy Colletto’s music is a powerful symphonic blend of piano-based pop with authentic lyrics and a voice that is unique, yet somehow familiar.” Bree Noble #1 Award Winning Women of Substance Radio & Podcast


  Las Vegas, NV
  Dark Blues Rock

Leona X has honest emotion in her signature guitar work and song writing. Her music is emotionally raw and riff heavy, and her live performances have been described as commanding and passionate. Her biggest guitar influences are Angus Young, Toni Iommi, and Jerry Cantrell. These guitarists inspired her to learn guitar and helped shape her fiery blues-based rock style. She is the singer/lead guitarist, and songwriter of her original Las Vegas based band, and continues to grow and evolve as an artist. Those who know her say she is an amazing talent with a heart of gold. Leona X was voted as Las Vegas’ best rock band in the VegasRocks! Magazine Awards, has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, and is the spokesmodel for the Gibson Goddess guitar limited edition series. She has traveled and performed all over the world, with her internationally recognized rock band Jaggedy Ann, whose album, “Boiling Point" was produced by Phil Rudd of the legendary AC/DC. Leona’s newest single release, “I’m Alive”, is a testament to her recent spiritual awakening. It was written under a full Taurus Moon on November 12th, 2019. This song is emotionally riveting, channeling the magic and awesome power of Mother Nature. It also includes an intro called “Til We Meet Again”, dedicated to her beloved cat who passed away 3 days after the song was written. It was recorded during the full penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10th, also known as the Full Wolf Moon. Meaning this song was written, recorded, and released under 3 very powerful full moons!


  Los Angeles, CA
  Metal / Trash Metal / Heavy Rock

HEAVYNESS .....The four Lohin brothers, is a rare combination of family and talent.These metal maniacs have been assaulting the local club scene lately with a vengeance and getting some rave reviews in the process. Jesse/vocals & guitars Boris/guitars Frank/bass guitars Henry/drums,have also released a very high powered cd "the open gates of hell",their presence is there and so is their powerfull material, it's not typical to see a band of related members that actually kick ass ,but then again,this a'int no typical band. This band is just like their name,okay,a wider verbal description would have to be a heavy metal and not rock ,not pop,not fusion,Heavy Metal just like it's supposed to be....


  San Juan, PR
  Alternative Rock

HALL OF FAME artist Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is an alternative rock group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After Hours, the group’s second full length cd release, is the result of series of recording sessions done at Spellbound Studios, one of the new and upcoming independent music recording studios in the Island. All songs were written by Jean Cabbie with arrangements done by The Secret Admirer Society. After Hours was recorded and mixed by Jose Vila and mastered by Bob Katz from Digital Domain.


  Melbourne, Australia
  Pop / Singer-songwriter

Blending authenticity with jagged theatrics, Marcelle is driven by an innate desire to engage. She invites listeners on a journey through her mind with every lyric, every note. Marcelle’s tracks are infused with an eclectic production style, where hard-edged live musicians meet melodic electronica. She is fearless in conveying her inner truth – A storyteller who speaks with both clarity and fascinating obscurity.


  Pfaffenhofen, BY, DE
  Singer/Songwriter / Country / Folk

Auch wenn man mal längere Zeit nicht viel von RALF DEE hört und er auch auf den sozialen Netzwerken nicht permanent präsent ist, hat das nichts mit einer Flaute zu tun. Eigentlich schreibt er ständig neue Songs/ Lieder (gerne über Ungerechtigkeiten, Arroganz, Geiz, Neid) und oft sind das dann die kreativsten Phasen. „…Wer alles hat muss nichts riskieren…“ lautet eine Textzeile aus „Die Ruhe vor der Flaute“, ein Song, der sich auf den Stillstand bei Menschen, die im Überfluss leben, bezieht und mit dem sich RALF DEE alles andere als ruhig zurück meldet.


  Phoenix, AZ, US
  Singer Songwriter / Rock, Adult Contemporary

HALL OF FAME artist Russ Van Natta is a song writer / composer. The songs represented here are all originals and hopefully shows a diversity of his song writing talents. He has many others but can not seem to find the time to recording them. So if your interested in recording, playing, singing, collaborating, please drop me a line


  Kopavogur, Iceland
  Pop / Singer songwriter / Alternative

Ivar, a musician and songwriter, has been a member of several bands but works independently today. He was born in Iceland on a small volcanic island in the year when the Beatles released their first album. When he was ten years old, he and his family moved to escape the volcanic eruption. He is a songwriter, a singer, and a guitar and keyboard player. The musical genre he plays could probably be classified as indie pop music. In addition, he enjoys listening to all kinds of music.


  Seminole, FL
  All Genres except the Metal and classical

HALL OF FAME artist.
The leader of The Magneto Flobe, and Maloa Warriors… doing songs for you! featuring "da boi" and his friends… come and join us… we're climbing that wall together… and having a real good time!"


  New Windsor, NY
  Alternative / Singer Songwriter / Progressive Rock

HALL OF FAME artist.
I'm just a Brooklyn USA born Italian girl who loves music, art and photography. I have been playing keyboards since I was 3 years old and play, compose, and sing just for me. Music is my passion, it sits right next to God who gives me the blessing to enjoy and play my music. I am an artist --heart and soul-- I hope you enjoy some of my photograpy and poems! All the Best to Everyone! Love to all!! XOXO


  Rennes, France
  Indie / Chillout / Ambient / Symphonic Rock / Retrowave

Jeff de Bruz, is a 50 year old France based composer. He started music by playing drums in several Jazz and rock bands when he was teenager. He started to released it’s own composition music in 2007. Jeff instrumentals have some flavours of the 80s with various genre such as indie, chillout, ambient, symphonic rock or retrowave. Jeff de Bruz is inspired by artists such as Genesis, Phil Collins, Alan Parsons, Marillion and so many more.


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