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Ten years on air
Vote for the best songs nominated by Museboat Team or Nominate Yours!
We are starting a competition for the best song on Museboat in the last ten years.


Join us in the chatroom Every Wednesday to listen to the 25 the most popular songs from the Museboat Musies Award playlist. Next show is on Wednesday, October 28th 2020 at 10pm London time, which is: 11pm in Berlin, 12pm in Athens, 6pm (!!!) in New York, 3pm (!!!) in Las Vegas, 7pm (!!!) in Rio de Janeiro and 9am (!!!) Sydney time.
Remember that your presence in the chatroom significantly increases a chance for your favourite song to win the award wink

The Best Song on Museboat

In the upcoming two month you can listen to the best music we played in the last ten years. You and only you can decide which song will win the Museboat Musies Award!

Vote for the songs nominated by Museboat Team Members or Nominate your own one in the Top 100 Songs Poll.

Voting is free without any registration and you can vote as many times as you like! Just read our voting terms
Celebrate With Us

Join our celebrations and vote or nominate the best song on Museboat of all times. You can also take part in the competition that we have prepared for you with our team. It will be a win for you, for us and for all music-related souls wink

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Ten years on air

It is a real pleasure to present the brand new music show Museboat Musies Award, which will be the culmination of our competition for the best song on Museboat. This festive music show, which will include a draw for the winner of the financial prize, will take place on December 6, 2020 .

We invite everyone who has tirelessly voted for the best song from a music catalog created in ten years to join us in the chat room and congratulate all participants and winners of the competition and enjoy our festive program with a few nice surprises.

Nominate Song

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