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Let the world hear your voice.
Say hi to all your favourite artists, your friends and other Museboat listeners.

Here you can record your voice message (SHOUTOUT).
Say "Hi" to your fans, customers, relatives or friends.
This is great opportunity to let know more about you LIVE.
And it´s FREE ;-)

Before you start recording, connect your microphone
or headset to computer, turn volume button down a bit
in the plugin and "Click to record".

Rename mp3 file properly after recording
(e.g.: YOUR NAME - Shoutout or ARTIST NAME - Shoutout, etc).

After you record your shoutout, send it as a mp3 file to: museboatradio @
(without spaces before and after @ mark) .

You can use free file transfer service WeTransfer to send us your files. Hit "UPLOAD FILES" to open uploading box.
Start with "I agree" button and always use the same email in your campaign submission.

We accept mp3 audio files only.


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