Up In The Alley Show

with Alison Cowie



Take a walk with Alison Cowie up the alley and immerse in the music that should be heard. Open your mind to vibrant new sounds, amazing voices and epic performances by artists from around the world. She will guide you to the realms of an unknown musical adventure.

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  Ames IA
  Country / Pop / Jazz / Sacred

Clark Ford is a songwriter from California, living a much less expensive life in the midwest USA. He has had a life-long love of music ranging from pop to rock, country, folk, jazz, blues, sacred, musical theatre, and classical music, and he has tried his hand at writing in all of those genres! His music is influenced by his favorite artists from most of the last 75+ years, although he is not that old...yet! His albums have focused on country, and pop music to date, many from musical theater shows he has written, but his current project is an album of retro jazz and blues.

UP IN THE ALLEY SHOW for February 9th, 2023

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