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Museboat Live
Free multi-media promotion channel


Establish your brand as an authority on Museboat Live by supporting fantastic music
without having to spend a lot of time. Run your campaign for free and get unique promotion which will include not only your info and contacts but also any your incentives to attract our listeners and website visitors. And you always have an access to fantastic music we play 24/7 in your Instore Music Player.

We Love Brands

Companies, Labels, Production Houses, eShops, Newspapers, eZines, Non-profits, Social networks... Our goal is the same.
We want to attract the hugest audience to fantastic music, inventive ideas and fair business. Museboat Live offers free promotional space for everyone, no matter it is a community, non-profit, blog or a small business.

We love inspiring ideas and we do want to promote them 24/7 for free. Explore the Museboat Live and Museboat TV-Video Channel options below and find out what we do for all our precious supporters.

All you need to do is to submit your brand details like opening hours or location, give a description of your activity, provide a logo and link to your website and social media. We accept any known brand campaign incenives available online.

Submit Brand / Brand Video

Get started by submitting your data and information through online form and promote your brand for FREE.

Submit Radio Station

Join Radio Airplay Allliance (RAA) program and get a lot more listeners, reviews and comments from our website visitors.

Get Instore Music Player

Free yourself from Music Royalty Fees. Play the best music in your store with Instore Music Player for free.

Be a Guest on Air

Would you like to share your brand story? Fill out simple form and we may contact you about becoming a Special Show Guest.

Become Executive Producer

Become Executive Producer of any our show by donation. Every donor will automatically get this title in show notes.

Submit Brand Event or News

Does your brand support any art, non-profits or other non-commercial activities? We´d like to know about it. So our Listeners Do.

Record Brand Voice Message (Shoutout)

Let the world hear your voice. Introduce your brand and say hi to Museboat Live listeners in a catchy shoutout.

Brand of The Month

Nominate your brand to get Brand of The Month exclusive promo pack just for showing some love to artists.

Create Museboat Region

What does "Museboat Region" means? How to create your own one? Promote your brand activities on Museboat.

Create Contest or Poll

Help your brand recognition with an attractive contest or poll. Host your contest or poll on Museboat Live for free.

Submit Givaways or Discounts

Acquire more entries and leads along with users engaging with your brand within Museboat Live community.

Recurring Campaign

Promote new service or product in a way that compels the listener to take action on the campaign. Get your Campaign Banner at Museboat Live pages for free.

New brands on Museboat Live   Latest Brands

Explore the greatest brands supporting independent artists on Museboat Live.

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Brand of The Month on Museboat Live   Brand of The Month

Brand of the month is the list of top brands supporting artists on Museboat Live.
Explore brands what became the authority on Museboat Live by supporting independent music.

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Brand of The Month

Brand of The Month is the page on Museboat Live featuring the most popular Brands
in a particular month. Brands are included in the contest poll just in exchange for their visit of the Museboat Live chatroom at any music show.

Brand of The Month will get space for their own marketing video (YouTube only),
brand´s long description, brand´s infospot audio download, location and opening hours
and a direct link to the store for the whole month and brand´s infospot will be featured in all Museboat players throughout this time.

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Brand of the month on Museboat Live   Brand of The Month Nomination

Anyone can nominate a Brand of The Month by supporting artists on Facebook.
Just give LIKE to 5 artists
in the LIKE plugin and fill in the form. That´s it  


Providing brand data for the purpose of free media promotion on this website
does not in any way constitute a request to provide paid advertising services or establish a binding business relationship.

The relationship between Museboat Live and brands is a media partnership based on
mutual and gratuitous support in the form of exchanging direct links between partner sites.

All services on this website are provided solely for the purpose of increasing awareness of Museboat Live to support musicians from all over the world free of charge.

Any financial support for our site is voluntary, whether it is a donation, costs-sharing contribution, purchases in affiliate shop or other direct financial support.

In the event that someone requests any payment from you for providing media promotion on this website, we ask you to notify us about it without a delay. Do NOT pay for such services in any way.

Featured Brands

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New Nominees

We announce new Brand of The Month at the beginning of every new month in TJ´s Muse Bridge show.

BAMIL on Museboat LIve

BAMIL on Museboat LIve

BAMIL on Museboat LIve

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