Get free media promotion just by becoming FEATURED BRAND on Museboat Live.
Showcase your brand and grow your visibility as a huge supporter of fantastic music.
It's a win for you, for us, and for all our website visitors.

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Ways to become Featured Brand

The easiest way how to become Featured Brand on Museboat Live is linking to us with one of our promotional widgets from your website or blog. This will cost you anything but a few minutes of your time and you get free promotion worldwide. Become an authority on Museboat Live and faciliate fans to find you sooner then others. You can also choose any of options below.

  • Link to us and get reward    Link to us
  • Get instore music player for your lace for free.    Get Instore Music Player
  • Create your brand contest for Museboat listeners.    Create a contest
  • Join our team and get enhanced free promotion.    Join Museboat team
  • Become donor agent and get reward.    Become a Donor Agent
  • Support our mission by any donation amount.    Donate any amount

What you get as a FEATURED BRAND

- brand media promotion kit (AMPK) embeddable plugin
- LIKES, SHARES & TWEETS from all Museboat Live team members
- Brand of The Month nomination
- brand infospot productions and placement on air in 24/7 rotation
- Instore Music Player with 6 music genres selection
- marketing video promotion on Museboat TVV channel
- radio station promotion in Radio Airplay Alliance program
- Instore Music Player free of any charges, available worldwide
- opportunity to be a guest on air
- opportunity to become executive producer of any music show
- brand events or news submission and promotion
- recording brand voice message (shoutout) for listeners
- brand marketing incentives promotion
- creation of own contests, polls, surveys and Museboat Region
- opportunity to become media partner with enhanced promotion
- promotion on the main Museboat Live websites and submission forms
- brand backlink in every email sent from Museboat Live executives
- creating Museboat region micro-website



- Logo / Cover Picture
- Brand Slogan and Description
- Official Website Peek-into and Redirect link
- Marketing Video
- Brand´s Facebook page LIKE button
- Twitter profile access
- Geolocation and Opening Hours
- Contests / Givaways page access
- Special Offer page access
- update brand info option
- listen to brand promo option


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Support Museboat Mission

We need and value any your contributions to the project.

Your generosity will help us to keep offering great music and brand promotion programs and any your contribution is a vital part of bringing news and music to the community.

We save you money by providing you with royalty-free Instore Music Players in POP, ROCK, REGGAE, COUNTRY & FOLK, ALTERNATIVE, and MULTI-GENRE category.

You can join our Instore Music Player program for free and choose any category you preffer for you and your customers.

You can help our mission by sharing your love as well.
Explore other ways how to join our family.


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