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Chart Show Voting Info

Top 25 Music Chart is the list of 25 the most popular songs on Museboat Live in the past two weeks. Every song needs as many votes as possible to get to the Top 25 list.

Chart show is based only on votes from radio listeners sent to us from this website page and on artist´s activities within Museboat Live channel.
Songs are nominated by their popularity measured by "Song on Demand" plays and chatroom comments.

Every #1, #2 and #3 song in our Top 25 Chart show will get free airplay
8 times every day at the end of every LISTEN & CHAT show.
All #1 artists will get to our radio Hall of Fame.

We accept songs only from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation. New nominations are valid for two weeks. Songs what didn´t receive any vote will leave the chart.

Using of robots to send us more votes without visiting our website
will result in excluding such votes from our countdown.
You bet we will find it out.

Your Top 25 Song Nomination

If you cannot find your favourite artist in this poll, nominate YOURS !

Send us just ONE SONG REQUEST and we will place your favourite song
to the top 25 chart show nominations.
It´s that easy and no registration is needed.

We accept artists from Museboat Live 24/7 rotation only.


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