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Featured Artists 2022


  Waterford, Ireland

Forge Hounds are a new and exciting hard rock project based in Waterford, Ireland. The band features veteran songwriters and musicians Paul J Bolger (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mick Wall (Vocals / Lead Guitar), Steve Roche (Bass), and Andy Kavanagh (Drums). They deliver a BIG sound driven by thought provoking songs, lean and mean guitar riffs, compelling dual vocals and a pumping rhythm section influenced by the likes of ZZ Top, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy, Hanoi Rocks and Deep Purple.


  Albuquerque, New Mexico
  EDM / Funk / Rock

Barnaby Hazen is a lifelong musician and imitiable songwriter. Babelshack Theater: Volume 1 is his return to the studio following hiatus after working professionally as a sideman on both bass and guitar for several outfits in his local area. He’s performed with the likes of Kevin Wood of the original Seattle grunge act Malfunkshun, Katie P and Angela Pope among others. Through Volume 1 he has submerged himself into the realm of EDM, layering psychedelic guitar and funk/rock bass grooves over a thick cadence of dance beats and hypnotic keys. He is also author of the twice award winning novel, Misfortunes of T-funk, based sometimes explicitly on his experience as a professional musician. He now lives in Albuquerque, NM, where he filmed the video for "Edible Product" in support of the album.


  Bavaria, Germany
  Singer / Songwriter / Producer

ROB the voice (Robert Adrian Steiner), is an international singer/songwriter and producer based in Bavaria/Germany. The lead singer and musician is looking back on more than 30 versatile and successful years in the music business with various bands, outstanding international musicians and as a successful producer and solo artist with numerous releases, most recently his two solo albums ""Blues in the night"" (2014) and ""Legacy - the 30th anniversary unplugged album"" (2022) and his latest x-mas single 2022 ""Merry Christmas, Mrs. Claus!"" (2022) with which he received several chart positions and numerous national and international awards, such as latest the Akademia Legacy Award 2022 in Los Angeles/USA and the International ISSA Gold Award 2022 in Atlanta/USA.


  Caracas, VE
  Bass and Drums

My interest in music began when I was 8 years old with the piano and guitar. The musicians who have influenced me the most are: Jimi Hendrix (Guitar Player), Victor Wooten (Bass Player) and Michael Manring (Bass Player). I decided to make music with just a 5 string bass and drums mainly because the bass is not seen as the main attraction in a band nor the most important instrument.


  Paris, France

Johanna Saint-Pierre is a French / English singer, amazing pianist and talented songwriter in electro, soul & jazz pop music. She is an international pop artist who likes exploration in music like Goldfrapp or Kate Bush. She has released 3 electro-pop albums,2 soul pop Eps produced by the Grammy's Award producer Brian Bacchus (many Awards for Gregory Porter, signed A&R for Blue Note Norah jones),1 EP in deep house with MKL ( (3 generations walking), and some electro remixes. She collaborates with prestigious DJs and producers between Paris, London and New York. She signed in New-York on the iconic house dance label Ibadan for an EP with Jephté Guillaume (bass player for Destiny Child, Wycleef). With the Paris Gospel Choir (Le choeur Gospel de Paris) she accompanied Pharell Williams on a French television set for the song Happy.Actualy she's involved with the choir for Héritage Goldman ( Céline Dion) a french Pias Record Project.


  Moscow, RU

An Vedi is the winner of more than 25 international awards and contests as violinist, composer, chamber music performer, singer-songwriter and conductor. She is the youngest recipient of the Edward Elgar Medal (2019, the UK). An graduated from the Conservatory and Post-graduate studies with honors. She has been performing on stage for over 25 years. She is a Member of the Recording Academy (Voting Member and Mentor), BMI, the Boston New Music Initiative, International Singer-Songwriters Association, Indie Collaborative, International Society for Jazz Arrangers and Composers, Musical Explorers by Carnegie Hall, International Association for Music and Medicine, Sisters In Music, International Conductors Guild. An is a judge at several international music competitions and awards. As a violinist, she has over 700 works in her performing repertoire. As a composer, she has composed over 100 works for orchestra, choir, chamber ensembles, and individual instruments. As a songwriter, she has written over 300 songs. Since 2018, she has been conducting master classes for young musicians according to her individual method, which has been approved by music teachers from schools, colleges and universities. An Vedi actively collaborates with members of the Recording Academy, as well as Grammy®-nominated and winning artists.


  Cremona, LOMBA, IT / Middlesbrough, UK
  Rock / Wave / Electronic

Since the beginning of the new production born in January 2020, of the song "Now Forever", with Tim Palmer, they have released in October 2022 the unreleased third single: "Something Beautiful"; "Goodfellas Records", for worldwide digital and physical distribution, to follow the new album out for the end of November 2022. From 19 September 2022 the public band, Shine (The Remixes) -E.P. (Opilec Music Label), 4 remixes of the second single "Shine" from the production with Tim Palmer.On October 28, the third single "Something Beautiful" was released which will anticipate the release of the new album in 2022.


  Philadelphia, PA, US

Began in 2019 when Scott Hoon and Marc Kahn started working together on a side project between bands. The two toyed around with a few demos that would later turn into early singles but the line-up would not be complete until January of 2020 when Nick Black and Brady Hearn joined the band. Black and Kahn had been friends for a few years while Hearn started off the year touring with All That Remains and Lacuna Coil in band Eximious (with ex-members From Ashes To New). His decision to move onto Sick Century would come in mid January.


  Deal, England

Throughout the course of their exciting journey as a group, the members of Sun-Pinned Leaves have won over the hearts of music lovers across the globe. With the members performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances, this talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Playing a unique blend of Americana and other genres Sun-Pinned Leaves are UK duo Christopher Brown (Kent) on vocals & Neil Faulkner (Southend) playing most instruments. Josh Faulkner (Colchester) appears on some tracks and for live work. Chris and Neil first wrote songs together at school in 1975 continuing to write and perform together until pursuing separate projects in the mid-1980s. Having reunited in they have released five albums since 2019.


  Mississippi, USA
  Indie / Country / Love Songs

My name is Tommy Rice. I lost my precious wife, Deborah, to brain cancer in which we battled for almost 3 years. She was the greatest love I have ever known. After being asked to write a short story of her fight to stay alive, I read to my grief recovery class and my classmate asked to make it a song. Two years later, with no experience in writing, I now have 192 written songs, 84 recorded songs, 2 number ONE songs, a number two Christmas song, 9 songs with radio play that are all highly charted, 2021 nomination for Crossover Artist of the Year, 2022 New Country Group of the Year award, and a book titled Miss Her More Today Than Yesterday. All of my songs are about our love of Jesus and the real love we shared together. All glory goes to Him. I have been a Real Estate Broker for 44 years and just sold my Auto Dealership after 27 years of making memories of a lifetime. My heart and goal in life right now is writing music and sharing Jesus's love and the real love He put into our life all over the world. If I am so blessed to end my life here on earth sharing this greatest of love about Jesus, and the love we shared together, no higher honor could ever be given to me!


  Pop / Rock

MATD see the daylight April 11th 2020. Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen ended their previous band Max and the Ducks. It was time to change. A new era begins with guest artists. The first featuring artist is Hana Muftic/Nida from Los Angles USA. We have done four songs together. The first release is based on Alice in Wonderland story.


  Los Angeles, CA
  Pop / Acapela / Alternative

Dianna Bellerose was born and raised in eastern Europe to a working class family. She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents. In 2004, she graduated from Edmonds Community College with an Associates of Arts degree. She is fluent in three languages and enjoys gardening, photography, drawing and exploring other cultures. She has a passion for writing about families and the obstacles they face in their lives, which has led her to also coaching individuals in achieving their own dreams and finding their purpose. Dianna is a well known author of “Fire and Ice”, which was an award winner NABE in the winter of 2012. She has been featured on Women’s Essence Magazine in the August issue of 2012 and in Angie’s Diary Online Magazine in the July 2013 issue for her achievements with this book.


  Kamloops, BC, CA
  Rock / Pop Rock

That's How it Starts heralds a new beginning for Marshall Potts. And his music. ""The song is really a lesson in life,"" explains the veteran singer-songwriter from his B.C. home near the Dalai Lama's centre of the universe. ""If you listen to the lyrics — 'That's how it starts / You come, you go, you run / You face your fears and embrace your tears' — it's about life's ups and downs, and learning to find something positive in the negative so you can keep going forward. Basically, the message is: Heal yourself, heal the world. Save yourself, save the world. But you have to come first."" It's a lesson Potts learned first-hand. After decades of giving and people-pleasing precipitated major health and life crises that left him spent, the humble artist re-evaluated and upended his existence, setting off on a 'trip inside' — a spiritual journey of healing that has moved him from darkness into the light. You can hear his personal and artistic transformation in That's How it Starts. Not just in the inspiring lyrics. But also in the ringing, interwoven guitar lines. In the buoyant arena-rock beat. And in Potts' tenderly insistent vocals that share the experience of saving himself. Combined, they deliver a universal message of positivity and optimism — while rocking out like a supergroup featuring U2, Bryan Adams and Lindsey Buckingham. The culmination of his years-long pursuit of happiness, That's How it Starts was the last song the prolific lifelong musician penned for his still-untitled upcoming album. Arriving this summer, it's a disc that focuses on moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment and living in the here and now. That's where Potts is coming from. And where he's determinedly headed. The journey starts here.


  Electro-pop / Gothic

Paul Dillon is a solo artist named pMad. He started out with writing and playing with The Suicidal Dufflecoats. Now a member of The Greeting & his solo project pMad. Covid-19 strikes and Paul sets up 'The Best of Irish Indie' on Facebook running a series of 'Best of Irish' polls with a wonderful group of Irish Indie fans. Inspired by the group he unearthed all his own music collection and with the use of modern technologies, created a number of singles and a full album.


  Nashville, TN

Ray Ligon is a country music artist and singer/songwriter originally from Miami, Florida. Having enlisted in the U.S. Army right out of high school, and having served a total of 6 years, he has lived many different places in his journey. He now resides in Nashville, TN. When Ray was 13 years old, his Dad bought him his first guitar. He then taught himself to play and continued to learn from the multitude of artists he has had the pleasure of meeting along the way. “It‘s All About Touchin’ Folks With The Music! I have a passion for the music that I perform. I have been blessed in experiencing firsthand how some of my songs have spoken to the heart.” Whether he is singing his original songs or some of his favorite cover songs, it is easy to recognize the depth of his convictions, his belief in what he does. With only his guitar and his voice, Ray takes you to places that seem distant, but yet so familiar. Throughout his musical journey, Ray has garnered many accolades from many professionals and fans alike, and has won countless awards. Ray is also a member of the “Kentucky Country Music Association”, and is a multiple KCMA “Entertainer of the Year”, “Male Vocalist of the Year”, and “Songwriter of the Year” winner. In the “North America Country Music Associations, International” he is a multiple NACMAI “Entertainer of the Year”, “Male Vocalist of the Year”, and “Songwriter of the Year” winner. Ray’s influences include many and varied artists. A few of them are James Taylor, John Denver, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and the list goes on. Ray's vocals may remind you of a number of artists, but his voice is undeniably unique. From the lows to the highs and everywhere in between, his voice resonates with passion, and emotional sincerity.


  Perth, WA, AU

Born in Bristol, England, Songwriter / Producer Lyndon Rivers made the move to Perth, Western Australia, in 1997. Lyndon said it's a great place to write songs. He has been inspired by many bands and artists in his life, starting with The Beatles and The Monkees in the 60's, right through to now 2014 by James Blunt and Ronan Keating. After being fascinated by lyrics when he was 15/16 years old, when he used to write songs, he had a couple of professional demos done. But never proceeded with writing. Fast forward to 2010, Lyndon felt inspired by something or someone he really does not know exactly, to write songs again. He joined The Guild of International songwriters, in the UK .. Lyndon is currently concentrating on music producing. He has now released many tracks, of which Lyndon produced, they have had great reviews. Also Radio play worldwide !!


  Dresden, DE

German based songwriter and producer Robert Horvath, better known to the in tuned musical community as the Mastermind behind a virtual Band called The Parlophonics. Just one track so far, being the lead track from their debut Single. ‘staring at the sun’ (get it on iTunes) is a slice of mellowing love tipped drift wood, all lazy eyed and delicately drizzled with the gentle strum of a subtly smoked and reclined n’ radiantly casual glow that neatly nibbles at the ‘wild wood’ era Paul Weller back catalogue while simultaneously courting with the off set smoulder of a warmly teasing countrified soulfulness that should by rights ensure a fair amount of radio play action especially on the more considered MOR drive time and after hours shows.



MMA THE BEST SONG 2022 WINNER HiSQ is a Finnish collective of creative people. HiSQ is mostly about good songs created for the love of music. HiSQ founder and songwriter Erkki Vuokila gives free hands to Peter Engberg and the skillful HiSQ band in the studio. The songs get their final form there. The genre is of no importance, only that they all are satisfied with what they’ve done. The HiSQ songs have different singers picked with the utmost care. In 2021 they released five songs. Their new single with Marko Hietala published in September 2022, Flesh and Blood, earned number 1 positions in international radio charts. The year 2023 will be interesting, new material is on its way! Erkki and Bablo are in charge of the operation!


  Heavy rock

Alien Anomaly is a heavy rock band in Singapore on a mission to spread the virus of Alien Rock to the whole of planet earth. The band's debut Album, Ethereal Material, was released at the start of 2021 and new releases are imminent. The bad have been described as like 'Weezer with a bad hangover' and 'brutally whacked out'. Alien Anomaly is a five piece band comprising aliens from South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK.


  Pompton Lakes, NJ
  Country / Pop / Folk

Smooth, charming, with a little sass Americana/Folk-Pop artist Randie O'Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies. With her roots-inspired sound, she has independently released multiple albums over the years. She will be following up from the widely acclaimed EP "I’m Not That Girl" and "Here I Stand” with her much anticipated “Full Moon Rising.” She is sure to keep you tapping along and singing to the moon. For fans of Miranda Lambert, Pat Benatar and Mumford and Sons.


  Toronto, Canada
  Multi-Genre / Country Pop / Urban Pop

This iconic Canadian Multi-Genre Urban group from Toronto, Canada keep bringing new and exciting music for all to enjoy. The Band formed in the early 2000's are known for their innovative cross over tracks mixing Rap, Pop, RnB and Reggae. Now fast forward to July 2021. The Whythouse has come back swinging with multiple releases over the last few months. Most notable the release of She Said Hi. This country pop track is the first release off The Country Files. She Said Hi has captured a whopping 320,000 streams just on Spotify in it's first three months and continues to climb. The Country Files was created to bring people together, to bring feel good music back to a world that's has been struggling to find Happiness, Peace, Love and most of all Originality. This Northern Rebel Vibe is our own version of what country music should sound like. The Country Files has something for everyone, even if you're not a country fan, from our hip hop beats and basslines, The catchy hooks and that southern swag, all walks of life can get down with this universal music. Check out every song as we guarantee you will find something here you will absolutely love.


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