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24/7 Stars Show playing music from featured artists   


This show is dedicated to all featured artists on Museboat Live. Know the artists who are more interested in our movement than others.

All Museboat Live Music Shows begin at 10pm London time, which is: 11pm in Berlin, 12pm in Athens, 5pm in New York, 2pm in Las Vegas, 7pm in Rio de Janeiro and 9am Sydney time, unless otherwise specified.

To reach listeners regardless of where they live, we replay this LISTEN & CHAT show EVERY THREE HOURS from it´s start time. The start of the show will be announced in advance on Facebook


    This show is brought to you by:

    B.K. GRAY

    Award winning songwriter BK Gray and the Gray Brothers Band have been together for over 25 years; playing thousands of venues. We have always played our own original music. Playing almost all original music can be tough because most bars, clubs, weddings etc... prefer cover tunes. But we've stuck to our guns and played what we love to play. After all, isn't doing what you love what being a musician is all about?

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    All music shows on Museboat Live are produced by vollunteers and exist because of the support of the public.

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