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  London/Tel-Aviv, United Kingdom
  Reggae / Blues / Folk

Les Paul's' (The Paul's) are the prolific and dynamic song writing duo of ex-Londoners - singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor Paul Odiase and ex-London police officer, song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas. Paul Odiase is a multi-instrumentalist who just loves writing tunes and collaborating with different artists across the globe! Paul has written countless songs with artistic collaborators like Michael Kelly from Nashville and London born and bred Song Lyricist Paul Robert Thomas. Paul has also played with many different live bands gaining experience as he went and has worked on jingles and multimedia DVD productions for companies like RADO watches of Switzerland as well as the Swiss Farming society. In the 70’s Paul tried his hand at acting and worked with people like Barbara Bach of James Bond fame and renowned stars like Mel Ferrer (who married Audrey Hepburn) who actually approached Paul to enlist in an acting school in Milan but Paul was all about music and nothing could distract him from his goal to become a professional Songwriter. Today with lots of songwriting knowhow under his belt Paul concentrates on writing and producing for other musicians and publishers around the world pitching his songs for newcomers and TV serials.



Paul is an Award Winning and 'UK Country Music' nominated Country Artist with over 30 years experience in live performance and writing and recording and has contributed his guitar playing and writer skills to many artists and solo projects internationally within many other genres of music.


  Caguas, Puerto Rico

Djkoalapr or Josh-Wa (Joshua Valentine Rodriguez)urban independent dj & mc and composer from Puerto Rico since 2003. He born in Houston Texas in 1988 but raised in Caguas Puerto Rico. Became mobile dj in 2004. Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Electronic Music, Techno, Trance, Dancehall, R n' b, Trap. In 2005 he meet dj SugarKid who hired him as an assistant dj for some jobs. From 2006 to 2010 Josh-Wa knowed as ""el nene de Caguas' was requested by Dj Rafy Mercenario because dj EZ-Beat recommended him for the album Mundo Demente Album, but offer was rejected due to lack of resources. Participation in various mixed tapes like; Algenis Tha Take Over Mixed Tape 2008, ""Simple Historia de Amor"" Prod by dj Nex in D-One Music Studios, Drug Lord Tha'Mixtape 2009 ""Se por donde ella viene"" Prod by Yalex. And other songs; The Others the mixedtape Prod by Timelezz. Collaborated with different friends and artists like Jeriel Vega Jay Timelezz, EZ beat, Mind Dwela, FJ. Santiago, Algenis Morillo, Jose Alejandro(Yalex now Alethecyber), dj Nex, Tyron, La Mole, Eloy, Dlyon el Salvaje, Santiago Muzic Society and CSP Alone. During those years he became PE teacher. In 2012 he finished his bachelor degree in PE. Education and in 2015 he earn a Master Degree in Non Profit Management . At present he still doing music and exercising his vocation. Please follow on Instagram as: djkoalapr Facebook: Djkoalapr/Josh-Wa Or click Suscribe on djkoalapr YouTube Channel.


  Seattle, WA
  far-alt-country / folk-rock

UK ghetto rock band fronted by Winston Propaganda Indie music with attitude. Its difficult to walk around any UK rural or urban area without noticing an increase in the number of people falling into poverty or lacking the resources to satisfy the most basic of needs. Song Poverty Line is about the deterioration in mental health characterised by feelings of distrust, helplessness, and disconnection throughout her life by a woman that found herself in this disadvantaged position as she slowly abandoned any naivety onto which she may have held that a miracle would come along and change her destiny. In the face of adversity, she affords herself a smile and somewhere the motivation necessary to take life moment by moment develops.

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