TJ´s Muse Bridge Show     

TJ´s Muse Bridge show is introducing new artists and new songs to the Museboat Live family. Enjoy opportunity to meet new artists and fans in the chatroom and exchange your favours to each others in this show. In person.

All Museboat Live Music Shows begin at 10pm London time, which is: 11pm in Berlin, 12pm in Athens, 5pm in New York, 2pm in Las Vegas, 7pm in Rio de Janeiro and 9am Sydney time, unless otherwise specified.

To reach listeners regardless of where they live, we replay this LISTEN & CHAT show EVERY THREE HOURS from it´s start time.

    The start of the show will be announced in advance on Facebook.

    Show start time is always the same which is 10pm London, 5pm New York, 2pm Las Vegas, 11pm Berlin, 12pm Athens, 7am Rio de Janeiro, 8am Tokio, 9am Sydney time. We look for you in the chatroom.

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