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Featured Artist / Hall Of Fame Artist / Hall Of Alltimers Artist / MMA 2021 Winner


MMA 2021 WINNER, MMA 2022 FINALIST and MMA 2023 FINALIST singer/Songwriter from Middlesbrough, Andy Shearer creates, performs and produces his own music. His main instruments are guitars, bass, piano, mandolin, dobro, Irish bouzouki and synths. He began writing songs in his mid teens as a way of expressing strong emotions associated with his new life experiences. As his musical influences widened, he slowly developed his own individual and distinct style. He says: I'm inspired when I discover new music by original and creative artists, and also good music from the past that I may have missed or not listened to for a long time. I express my deepest emotions through my music. Sometimes in song, and sometimes instrumentally. It's "a love divine, a precious thing. It makes my cry, it makes me sing.

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