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After endless time in quarantine, many people decided to travel outside their home and take a little free breath with friends, family or the wild.
It is no different with TaunJua, host to the TJ´s Muse Bridge show on Museboat Live Channel, who has decided to have her pickup truck on the way across almost the entire USA, leaving the covid behind.


The Petrified Forest

Monday 5-30-22
The Petrified Forest is about 220 million years old. It became a national park December 9, 1962. It was Named because of all the Petrified wood found in the park.. The fallen trees are from the Lare Triassic Epoch about 225 million years ago. Find more In The Gallery

Carlsbad Caverns

Monday 5-30-22
The Natural entrance is a steep 1.25 mile trail with several curving switchbacks that descends 750 feet into the caverns. It is the equivalent of walking up or down a 75 story building and takes an average of 60-90 minutes to complete. If you are unable to make this trek. There are elevators in the visitor center that will take you down into the cavern and return you to the surface. There are restrooms and a snack bar underground near the elevators at the start of the Big room. Every year from April through October hundreds of Thousands of Brazilian free-tailed bats exit the cave at night through the cavern entrance searching for food. There is an amphitheater at the mouth of the natural entrance and a free bat flight program where a ranger talks about the bats. The first time I visited the cave (I was 12) the ranger told us if we wanted to know how many bats were leaving all we had to do was count their feet and divide by 2. I have been to this cavern several times over the years once when I was 12, I have taken my children, my grandchildren, friends, and other relatives . It is probably one of the most remarkable caverns I have seen and I have seen many caverns in the USA, perhaps I will share more of them at a later date. In The Gallery

Carlsbad Caverns, Arkansas

Russell's Travel Center

Tuesday 5-31-22
Russels Travel Center has 24 Antique cars. Memorablia of the King (Elvis) The Duke (John Wayne) Marilyn Monroe and a few others. Has coke and M&M products as old or older than we are. The museum is free to the public and is so full of items it was impossible to get pictures of all.. But I will include a few for everyone to see. Local Bar and Grill. Cecils. Really nice people , we had the chicken fried steak and it was excellent. Find more In The Gallery

Russel´s travel Center

Lavaca, Arkansas

Wednesday 6-1-22
Time for some rest and relaxation. Made it to Lavaca, Arkansas (population 2279) to visit our cousin. She lives in a nice rural area on a farm. Nice and quiet, roomy and peaceful, and no internet. So anything we do for the next 2 days will be by hot spot of the internet on my truck.. I took pictures of some of her scenery but not her house to protect her privacy. She raises heifers ad bales hay. Find more In The Gallery

Lavaca countryside, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee

Friday 6-3-22
In the middle of the journey today we changed our minds and direction and decided not to go to Kentucky but instead decided to head to Memphis Tennessee. I love the area around Memphis just as you enter off the Interstate 40. Starting with the welcome Center. There are 2 more than life size statues of the King of rock and roll (Elvis Presley) and the King of Soul (B.B. King) Inside are pictures of many of the greats that fashioned the blues and jazz of the time. So I found out some interesting facts while at the Welcome center. Elvis was so flashy because he grew up poor. They had to live in public housing and rely on the goodness of other people to help them out. The song “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding is actually the demo that was released. The whistling at the beginning of the song was supposed to be replaced by lyrics by he had passed away before that could be done so the demo was released as is. Find more In The Gallery

The End Of The Week

Saturday 6-4-22
I have decided I am not completely sold on goggle navigation. We had a 5 ½ hour trip to get to our final destination which was supposed to be Mobile, Alabama. The navigator found every back country road possible to get us there. Although scenic some of the roads made me wonder if something happened, would they find my body before the vultures picked my bones clean. You have to love modern technology. Finally about 16 miles from our final destination we got directions to the first interstate (which is the fast main roads most people like to travel). I had hoped to stay there to further my genealogy craving but unable to find lodging we headed out to Foley Alabama which was actually tomorrows final destination, and the point that we will turn around and head back to Arizona.

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