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    Montreal, Canada


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Yester Daze is a Montreal-based rock band that feeds ravenous rock fans all over the world with their potent blend of stadium rock and underground punk. The band puts on extraordinary shows wherever they go—in pubs, clubs, or even their own homes—pouring their souls and giving it all on stage with raw passion and sincere lyrics. The band is ready to dominate 2024 with the release of their sophomore EP, Nothing, Perfectly, which will be available on all streaming platforms on May 10, 2024. It has been two years in the making - from COVID jams to voice memo drafts - Yester Daze would typically write most of the concepts by themselves before showing them to each other to see what they might come up with. Every music has an identity, a story, and a vibe. Nothing, Perfectly, has everything, from grunge heaviness to alternative rock to pop punk bangers. Every member is dynamic right away and shines.

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