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Twilight stunt work is a duo from the North Wales Coast formed of Bassist / Vocalist Chris James and Guitarist / Vocalist Leam Jones. The band started writing music in the midst of the pandemic when their Blink-182 tribute band come to a halt. Realising their full potential to get creative and bouncing ideas back and forth, they decided to pursue their creativity. From each of their distinctive musical background and tastes, from bands such as Blink-182, Screeching Weasel to Big Black Delta and The Cure they realised that the tracks they had already recorded had a diverse sound and a potential to get on to the airwaves. Now gaining some traction from their debut single “Paradise” the band are currently in the process of writing and fine tuning numerous tracks for their EP coming summer 24. Twilight Stunt Work hope to catch the ears of those who are influenced by booming bass, catchy guitar riffs and insane drums, whilst focusing on having a righteous time creating and delivering music to the masses.

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