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Mallow-based and Cork Born to her roots, singer Songwriter Tracy Connolly is excited about her new single release “ The Man That I Adore”. She is working on her debut album and has expressed that it’s the best project in her life to date. “This song is about love the most spoken word in the universe. It´s about the best man in your life, the Knight in shining armour. The survival of a unit that can’t be broken. Nothing else matters for when you´re with him you are complete. When you find the love you feel alive inside, you feel you can take on the world. You know you found love because you can feel it in every part of your being.  You fear nothing. This is for all the women who love their men. Who are proud of them and happy that they found each other”. In her song, you can feel her soul ignite with love. The music flows freely as she sings her words with such passion. Every woman that has loved or is in love will relate. Tracy has released 3 previous songs to date and this will be her fourth from her upcoming album. There is huge support from all stations now in Ireland. All of Tracy’s songs have been played all over the world.  She is getting support from countries like Australia, UK, Nashville, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few.

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