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With a sound reminiscent of 90’s grunge rock with a focus on catchy vocal melodies, The Wandering Off is set to release their debut album in early 2023. Chemistry runs deep as the duo has been a couple since 2005, but only started writing music together in 2021. Creativity flourished unexpectedly for Emily & Kyle Corner when downtime during the pandemic met with pent up emotion. Piece by piece they built a small home studio and turned up their guitars. Experimenting with different sounds for a year they stripped back to the basics; crunchy guitar, melodic hooks and memorable vocal melodies. Drawing inspiration from the bands they grew up listening to, their songs have elements of Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms and Letters to Cleo. Vocally, their music has a raw feel, as they chose to keep a lot of demo vocals and maintain a level of imperfection. The record captures an emotional, gritty vocal performance with a fresh twist on a familiar nostalgic rock sound. After producing and recording the majority of the record in their home studio in Calgary, AB, they enlisted the help of sound wizard and mixing engineer Warne Livesey (Matt Good, Midnight Oil, 54-40, Sinéad O'Connor, Holly McNarland) in Toronto to polish the record to completion including the recording of Blake Manning on drums at Noble Street Studios. Their debut single “Hey There” gives off Sheryl Crow vibes with a strong message of not taking life too seriously as Emily & Kyle Corner can be found Wandering Off into a sonic, musical abyss.

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