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In a small white house in de Bilt, Suzy and her family lives. There she has her studio where her songs are written, the music is composed, played and recorded. From the street outside the evenings can be filled with her beautiful songs and the good sounds of a very vivid family. And they are all there in the lovely lyrics of the songs, in the worries of the almost too beautiful daughter growing up in “Stones girl”, for her son becoming a man in the “Feather From A Swan” and the deep love for her husband and the strong ties that unite them and make them unique. Suzy covers the entire spectrum with her magical voice and supports you with power to explore depths and paths you didn’t dare to go without the company of compassion and beauty. Her warmth walks with you even to the end in Don’t forget me when I am gone. She makes you strong and proud to have those emotions to accept them instead of hiding. In my life the good things have happened. Family and relations are good, life is beaming. I am scared of losing it, but not afraid because from the day I heard Suzy’s voice I knew I was never lonely and will never be. Because Suzy is music and knowing her music and warmth is a rich source that you can carry with you, and nothing can take that away.

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