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Start Point is an innovative pop-rock duo based in Devon, comprising Nigel Smith and Andy Taylor. Andy is the lyricist and also contributes musical ideas and some lead vocals. Nigel is the instrumentalist and sings the lead and backing vocals. With over fifty songs now recorded, Andy and Nigel set about the task of producing their dream; an album. With the help of the Plymouth Music Collective and the masterful skills of Andrew ‘Doc’ Colllins, the debut album ‘Sea of Treason’ has arrived. The wonders of Logic Pro and Apple computers combined with the old fashioned approach of the composers, meld beautifully. Its release in October 2016 is the culmination of nearly forty years of friendship and ambition. The stunning artwork by Steve Pawley augmented by the photography of Suzy Pawley complement the imagination and originality of the songs perfectly.

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