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    Kuwait City, Kuwait


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Formed in January 2022, SRAI was born from the desire to share personal experiences of living in a closed-off society through the universal language of music. In the Kuwaiti dialect, “Srai” translates to “lantern” which held a significant role in the past, guiding people’s paths in houses, shops, and roads. The band, wishing to keep it traditional, embraced this meaningful symbol and incorporated it into the name as it resonated deeply with them. SRAI cites that their music is very experimental and that they channel their feelings into each song. People who have heard them before might find that this new work is unexpected, they have very heavy tracks and they have some that are very melodic, and some that are just the right amount of both. They are recommended listening for fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens, and Architects.

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