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    Tre-Boeth, SWA, UK


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Sian Richards is a bilingual singer/ songwriter/ acoustic musician from Swansea, South Wales (UK). In the last 10 years she has released a number of tracks in both English and Welsh with many becoming track of the week on BBC Radio Cymru as well as being played on other radio stations throughout the world. She has experience with performing to a live TV audience on programs such as the Welsh program Noson Lawen as well as filming in a studio performing to presenters and other guests on Swansea bay TV and the welsh tv show Heno. She also performs at regular pub gigs, festivals, weddings and fundraisers/ charity events. In 2017 she had the pleasure of performing at Tedx Swansea which is a part of the Ted talks international organisation. In 2019 she was asked to return to Noson Lawen to film for the next series which came out in February of this 2020 as well as having the opportunity to promote her Welsh album ""Trwy Lygaid Ifanc"" on the Welsh program Heno. Sian has since then released her second English album “Transpire” and has recently released her second Welsh album. Amser plus a number of English singles. Sian gets most of her inspiration from TV series and films as her dream is to write music for TV and Films so she is always looking for more inspiration, especially in the horror/ Sci -fi department, although she does enjoy performing to a live audience so she is always open to any opportunities that arise as well as a challenge.

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