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Embarking on their electrifying journey in 2020, Shotgun Mistress embodies uncompromising, explosive rock rooted in the quintessential Australian tradition. Forged from the supreme talents of ex Akercocke & The Berzerker member and globally celebrated virtuoso Matt Wilcock on guitars and the percussive maestro ‘Diamond’ Dave Lee on drums, Shotgun Mistress found its sonic equilibrium with the exceptional additions of bassist Ben Curnow and the charismatic, magnetic frontman Glenn Patrick. This formidable collective has claimed a sensational five-track record of chart-busting releases, leaving an indelible mark on the local music scene. Their debut sensation, No Friend Of Mine, soared to #13 on the Independent Air Singles Charts, setting a high bar for the hits to follow. Save Me From Myself dominated at #1 on the iTunes Rock Charts and #12 on Spotify’s esteemed Hard Rock Playlist, demonstrating the group’s wide-ranging appeal. Glorious Machine, Collide, and Bleed Me Out continued to set the charts ablaze, validating Shotgun Mistress’s reputation as a rock powerhouse. The band’s self-titled debut album erupted onto the iTunes Album Charts at an impressive #16, solidifying an ever-growing fanbase and affirming their position as torchbearers of modern Australian hard rock. With mesmerizing live performances across the nation, streaming platform milestones, and nationwide radio play, Shotgun Mistress has become an unforgettable phenomenon.

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